The 13 worst children’s toys we’ve ever seen

Watch out, as there are some awful toys about!

We’re sure they were made with good intentions in mind, but we’re not sure we’ll be letting our kids play with these toy disasters any time soon…

The makers of this toy clearly didn’t pick up on its unfortunate shape…

(Photo from: Pinterest)

Road kill plush toys – maybe not the cutest cuddly toy out there?

(Photo from: Pinterest)

Breastfeeding baby – because seeing a three year old pretend to breastfeed is totally normal

(Photo from: Popsugar)

From children that breastfeed, to a baby that’s also pregnant…


(Photo from: Pinterest)

Sure, every happy family has a ‘lovely’ straight jacket for their little ones

(Photo from: Pinterest)

Disgusting! We don’t even like having to do this with our real dog

(Photo from: Petmyweiner)

Toilet related toys are everywhere!

Pee and poo plush toys

(Photo from: Pinterest)

Shave the baby – a creepy and totally confusing concept for a toy

(Photo from: Tumblr)

Pick the wrong booger and Goey Louis’ brains fall out… lovely

(Photo from: Tumblr)

We’re not sure a tattoo gun for kids is entirely appropriate

Tattoo gun for kids

(Photo from: Pinterest)

And if you want your children to stop eating those lovely dinners you cook, just pick them up this book for bed time reading…

(Photo from: Pinterest)

The kids may not realise the significance of this one, but any adults they shoot at will!

(Photo from: Pinterest)

And finally, the most annoying toy to have ever been created…


(Photo from: Tumblr)

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