The 22 daily battles you’ll have with your kids before 9am

Once the kids get to a certain age, school mornings turn into a battlefield. And despite going through the same battles every day, they never learn and you never stop trying.

As much as we’d love to be one of those TV families who happily sit around the breakfast table discussing the day’s events, we know those few hours between waking up and leaving the house will be a battle of wills.

So each day you go about the same daily struggles – how many did you have this morning?

Get out of bed

No really, you have to get out of bed

I mean it

This is your last warning

Ok, I am physically carrying you out of bed

Yes you have to have a shower

And wash yourself

And your hair

No you cannot go back to bed

I do not know where you threw your tie/jumper/shoes last night, just find them

No you cannot wear your fairy wings to school

No you cannot have chocolate for breakfast

Do not put your breakfast on your sister

Clean your teeth

Don’t pretend you’ve cleaned your teeth, I will smell your breath

Why did you wait until now to mention the craft project due TODAY?

Stop watching TV, we’re leaving in 5 mins

We’re leaving now

I mean it


No, you did not tell me about football practice tonight

No you cannot walk the last few feet to the school gate (and yes, I will give you a big kiss as you leave)

And they’re gone. And despite all that, we miss them already….

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