Watch: Apple tugs at our heartstrings with their 2014 Christmas advert

When the air starts getting frosty and the nights start getting darker you know that Christmas can’t be far away. But now there’s another sure sign that the festive season is rapidly approaching – it’s the start of the Christmas adverts on our tellies.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the classic Coca Cola truck dancing across your screen, or the typically emotional John Lewis ad to make you feel sure that Christmas magic is on its way.

We’ve rounded up all of 2014’s best Christmas ads in one place so that you can enjoy one after another after another. Or is it just us that likes to watch them all in one go? Warning: The latest from Apple might cause glazed eyes.

Apple’s Christmas advert, 2014

Sainsbury’s New Christmas advert, 2014

McVities Christmas advert, 2014

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, 2014

Tesco Christmas advert, 2014

Mulberry Christmas advert, 2014

Aldi Christmas advert, 2014

John Lewis Christmas advert, 2014

Monty the penguin even has his own Twitter, keep up with his adventures here and follow Twitter’s reaction to the new Christmas ad by searching for #MontyThePenguin

Debenhams Christmas advert, 2014

ASDA Christmas advert, 2014

Boots Christmas advert, 2014

Waitrose Christmas advert, 2014

Marks & Spencer Christmas advert, 2014

Marks & Spencer had arranged for these two little fairies to grant wishes up and down the country to people who Tweeted them, before the release of the advert. Read more about that here.

We’ll keep adding new adverts as they’re released, but if you spot one we’ve missed then let us know! And, let us know in the comment box below which is your favourite, and what is the thing that first makes you feel Christmassy!

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