The top 10 best-selling toys of all time!

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  • Do you remember those dimpled Cabbage Patch Dolls, or spending hours fiddling with a Rubik's cube? These nostalgic toys are one of the best-selling toys of all time!

    Do you remember pestering your parents for a dimpled Cabbage Patch Kids doll or spending hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube as a child? They don’t make toys like they used to! And now, after being listed as two of Debenhams top 10 best-selling toys of all time these nostalgic playthings have given today’s must-have kids’ gadgets a run for their money.

    Debenhams 2013’s Christmas list No.1, the Kurio 4S touch tablet, is no match for the 80’s Cabbage Patch Kids doll in our ‘top 10 best-selling toys of all time’ countdown, so click through to reveal the best kid’s toy EVER! And find out if any of the ones you owned and loved as a child have made it in too.

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