Blogger shares important warning after child drops ’12 feet to the concrete’ out of an open window

A blogger has issued an important warning after hearing the story of a child sustaining horrific injuries from falling out of an open window.

Sarah Turner, who writes under the name The Unmumsy Mum, took to Facebook to share the message, which was passed on to her by the mother of the child in question, urging her 585,000 followers to take precautions and keep their children safe.

‘I have this morning received a message from a mum who is absolutely distraught following an incident on Friday where her 4-year-old son fell out of a window at a friend’s house, dropping 12 feet to the concrete below,’ she explained.

‘He had been playing with his friends and siblings in the garden just SECONDS before and unbeknown to his mum had taken himself upstairs to wave at his sister from the window when he slipped.’

Adding that the boy was now medically sedated with ‘multiple internal and external injuries,’ Sarah wrote that his mum told her ‘the sound of his body hitting the floor will stay with her forever.’

‘She has asked me to post something on my page to raise awareness about the dangers of open windows and I would very much like to support her in doing so.’

Sarah, who has two sons herself, concluded her post by asking the people on her page to ‘steer clear of judgement’.

‘She has chosen to share this warning because she says, “I want all parents to ensure they have taken every precaution to keep their babies safe”,’ she said of the parent who contacted her. ‘Sending all the love to the family.’

Her post has since had more than 7,000 shares, and recieved countless comments from fellow concerned parents, some of whom had gone through a similar devastating experience.

‘That poor lady, thoughts with her. No judgment, we can’t keep our eyes glued to them 24-7 it only takes a split second for an accident to happen,’ one empathised, whilst another agreed: ‘I hope he makes a full recovery. My son fell from a 2nd story window when he was 7.’

‘I was a PICU nurse for 5 years and saw this happen a few times. Lives can change so much in a fraction of a second – I can’t even begin to imagine how she is feeling right now,’ a third commented. ‘What I will say is that children are incredibly resilient.’

‘I have nursed children with terrible injuries and have seen them walk out the door smiling. Hold on to hope.’