13 kids who, really, REALLY don’t like Santa

Christmas is supposed to be the most magical time of the year for kids, right?

For weeks preparations are made, wish lists are written and sent, and on Christmas Eve mince pies and carrots are left out in the hope they might just catch a glimpse of the man who brings the presents.

But sometimes, it’s just all a bit too much and those Santa dreams are shattered.

Meet the kids who do just not get the Santa thing…

The unsure

Image from Gramfeed/press3nicole
‘Who is this man and why is his beard so bushy?’

Image from Gramfeed/Kaleigh.st
“I’m just not so sure about this, Mummy.”

Image from Pinterest/ Teamjimmyjoe

“What the…?”

The brave souls

Image from: Pinterest/Sarah Evans
“I’m not going to cry, i’m not going to cry…”

 Image from: Pinterest/16house
‘Get out of my face old man!’

The downright terrified

Image from: Pinterest/ Sarah Evans

Image from: Pinterest/Ellen
“Why, just why would you do this to us?”

Image from: Pinterest/SusanPalma
“This is just not cool dad, NOT COOL.”


 Image from: Pinterest/Babble
“I’m running away and you can’t stop me!”

Image from: Pinterest/funnyandweird
“Help me, please!”

Sometimes, Santa isn’t so happy himself either.

Image from: Pinterest/SarahEvans
“Would you just STOP STRUGGLING!”

Image from: Pinterest/Ellen
“Life is just so hard for poor old me.”

Image from: Pinterest/Cheezburger
“I’m sorrrrrrry!”

So this year when you take your kids to Santa’s Grotto – beware, some children just really don’t like Santa.