14 things you only know if you’re OBSESSED with Poldark

It’s pretty much accepted as fact that Poldark is one of the best shows on TV.

We just can’t get enough of its amazing storyline, gorgeous countryside… and, okay, maybe the appearance of a shirtless Cornish man every now and again. But while we all love Poldark, both with and without his shirt, there’s a difference between a fair-weather fan, and those who have been sucked into those brooding eyes for the long haul.

Here are 14 things you’ll only know if you’re a TRUE Poldark lover…

1. You always have to be home at 9pm on Sunday. No exceptions

Image: BBC/Poldark
Sunday night is designated Poldark time, and nothing will take this away from you.

2. You spend a good half an hour googling ‘How to move to Cornwall’ after every episode

Image: BBC/Poldark
Because who doesn’t want to spend their time on the Cornish cost staring at the sunset pretending to be Demelza?

3. You have SHAMELESSLY watched this bit over and over again

Image: BBC/Poldark
No regrets.

4. When someone tells you they’ve never seen the show, it makes you unexpectedly angry

Image: BBC/Poldark
Have they not seen the scything scene?

5. Any episode where Poldark DOESN’T take his top off is unacceptable to you

Image: BBC/Poldark
Sure, we like the plot and the characters and everything, but it’s just not the same without those abs.

6. You’ve casually asked your partner if they’d ever consider taking up scything on more than one occasion

Image: BBC/Poldark
Why do they always say no?

7. You have pure hatred for this man

Image: BBC/Poldark
Nothing will make us like him.

8. You’ve still not quite emotionally recovered from *SPOILER* baby Julia’s death

Image: BBC/Poldark
To be honest we don’t think we’ll ever be over it.

9. But that doesn’t stop you rushing back to the TV whenever it’s on

Image: BBC/Poldark
Nothing is going to make you miss an episode.

10. You don’t react well whenever someone says they prefer watching Victoria to Poldark

Image: BBC/Poldark
It’s no contest. It’s always Poldark. Always.

11. You wish Verity was your best friend in real life

Image: BBC/Poldark
Well, who else is going to teach you how to dance?

12. And when someone mentions they also love Poldark you know you’ve FOUND a best friend in real life

Image: BBC/Poldark
See, Poldark brings people together.

13. By now you’ve pretty much figured out how every episode will go

The basic formula: Brooding, fighting, scything.

14. But you know you’ll never stop watching regardless

Image: BBC/Poldark
Seriously, this needs to go on forever.