DIY kids’ studies: How to make your own homework area!

Creating a custom, child-friendly study area for your little one is a brilliant way to reward them for doing well at school and encourage them to stay engaged.

Use a weekend to make a fun project out of it and give your child some independence, letting them pick the themes and colours of the areas as a real treat.

For slightly older kids, these study space ideas from Ideal Home are great incentive to get them doing that homework.

There are lots of easy-peasy DIY hacks to inspire you so you can really get creative. This is a great summer holidays project to get everything ready for when the kids go back to school!

The ultimate organiser

Pinterest: Hobby Lobby

To help your child organise any important letters from school and keep track of what homework has been done, make a fun ‘inbox’ and ‘outbox’ with them. The idea being that when you see something in the outbox, it’s time for you to check it – whether it’s some finished work or a school trip form. Metal wire baskets are perfect for this as you can spot when they’re full easily, plus they come in loads of fun colours!

The keepsake collection

Pinterest: Heart Handmade UK

Make a washing line of special keepsakes and memories that your child is particularly proud of. This is aspirational and inspirational for them – a celebration of special papers and artworks. It’s nice to do a mixture of photographs of them with their friends or with you, awards they have gotten from school, pieces of work that went well or even rewards that they could earn, like a day trip somewhere.

The space saver

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Stuck for space and can’t dedicate a room to a study? Use the inside of a cupboard instead! Not only does it look really neat and can be shut away so that your child can subconsciously relax when their homework is done, but it’s the perfect shape and size with lots of nooks of hidden space.

The school bag station

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Incorporate the morning routine into a study area with a coat hook and even some chalkboard paint to help them remember what they need for that day. This would work with your inbox and outbox, popping something in the school bag when it’s finished so you’re good to go in the morning!

The creative cork board

Pinterest: Young House Love

A cork board wall or panel worked into your child’s study space is super helpful so that they can pin ideas and to do lists up in front of them. The bursts of colour look really creative and can help keep their little minds stimulated.

The wall art masterpiece

Pinterest: Marie Claire Idées

Get creative with the background of your homework HQ and paint or customise the walls of your designated space. Younger ones especially will love this, making it even more special for them. You could paint pictures of their favourite characters or make a little house like this example here!

The mini office

Pinterest: Petit & Small

If you have some space to spare you could go really crazy and physically build a homework area, like this adorable little house structure. It looks absolutely delightful and resembles a wendy house, so it could encourage your children to be in there studying more.

The feature wall

Pinterest: Ingrid Linkins

As much as your child’s study space needs to suit their tastes, it kind of needs to suit yours too, being in your house and all. Keep similar décor themes running throughout with a some stylish feature wall art. Adding art work, frames and shelves not only gives the workspace a buzzy feel, it also looks pretty good!