14 easy crafts for kids – fun ideas and activities for children

Keep those small hands busy with lots of sticking, cutting and moulding.
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  • When children are young and get easily bored, it’s a good idea to have a list of engaging and fun ideas up your sleeve. We've listed some of our favourite easy crafts for kids...

    Stuck at home while self-isolating? Craft ideas are a great way to keep young brains away from the television and games console – and into being creative.

    We’ve got the steps for exciting craft ideas like how to make your own play dough and building your own puppet theatre, so dig out the super glue and get started…

    Easy crafts for kids:

    1. How to make paper hats

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    These quirky paper hats can be made out of anything from old newspapers to left-over wrapping paper. They’re great for incorporating into games and dressing up, as you can make whatever design takes your child’s fancy.

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    2. Make your own puppet theatre

    Puppet theatre craft

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    This puppet theatre will keep any little (or big!) one entertained for hours. Behind the mysterious curtain, they can create their own stories and characters, practice and rehearse, before putting on the big show to you.

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    3. How to make Wanda the Witch

    paper witch

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    It might not quite be Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting spooky! With just some basic craft materials and a wooden spoon, your child can have their own witchy friend to keep them company.

    Get the method: How to make Wanda the witch

    4. Vegetable printing

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    Vegetable printing will be something any crafty kid will love. Plus it’s a great way to use up any uneatable fruit and vegetables from the fridge. Simply get your template, paint and material ready, then you’re good to go! We love this heart-shaped potato print bunting in particular.

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    5. How to make a paper boat

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    Much like the paper hats, these paper boats are a really fun and inventive way to use up any old newspaper or wrapping paper. Create unique designs with as many different colours and patterns as you like, then set sail!

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    6. Funny face frames

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    These wacky picture frames make you the subject of a painting, using materials from any standard craft box. Create your favourite characters or otherworldly creatures, all from the comfort of your own front room.

    Watch the video and get the method: How to make funny-face frames

    7. Create your own pebble people

    pebble people

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    Who doesn’t have old pebbles from the beach or stones from the garden lying around? Instead of letting them get under your feet, get your kids to make them into fun characters – or even portraits of your family. Along with the pebbles, all you need is a couple of pots of paint and a bit of inspiration!

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    8. Make play dough from scratch

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    There’s something quite therapeutic about moulding fresh play dough into shapes, for both little and older ones! You might even feel the need to get creative with these fabulous ideas on what to do with the play dough, once you’ve made it.

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    9. How to create your own dinosaur

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    If you’ve got a little one that loves these prehistoric beasts, then you’re in luck. They can create their own weird and wonderful creatures with this dinosaur craft.

    Get the method: How to make a paper dinosaur

    10. Make your own sunshine

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    Whatever the weather, you can create your own sunshine with this fun paper plate craft. If there’s been a birthday party recently, you might have a couple of these going spare – just get the paint out for a fun, sunny afternoon of crafting.

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    11. Create your own tin can kites

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    These tin can kites will brighten up any dull day. And with a cupboard full of tinned goods, you’re bound to have a few spare cans lying around at the moment. Get your child to put them to good use with splatterings of paint and lots of ribbon.

    Get the method: How to make neon kites by recycling old tin cans!

    12. Adorable Easter pom-pom animals

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    With Easter just around the corner, there is no better time to get to crafting. And these pom-pom animals are a great place to start. Create your own farmyard and have all the fun with this easy and unique idea. It’s bound to get the kids excited for all that chocolate coming their way!

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    13. Make your own elephant’s feet

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    To make these nifty elephant’s feet you’ll need some large tin cans and plenty of paint. If you’ve just painted a room recently, even better! Use the old paint cans to create this excellent crafting project and let your little ones bring their dreams of stomping across the savanna to life.

    Watch the video and get the method here: How to make elephant’s feet with tin cans

    14. Craft your own fans out of wrapping paper

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    These paper fans make gorgeous decorations for your home. They’re so colourful and with the opportunity to make them out of any design of paper that takes your fancy, your little one will be spoilt for choice.

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    All these craft ideas and more great things to do at home can be found on GoodtoKnow.

    Happy crafting!