Homemade advent calendar

Get the family excited in the run up to the big day with this personalised paper homemade advent calendar

. With this you can avoid the chocolatey offerings this Christmas and go for a fabulous paper crafted advent calendar instead!

If you’re looking for a diet-friendly or sugar-free advent calendar alternative this festive season then look no further – you can make one of these for yourself, for your other half or your kids, the possibilities are endless.

In them you can really get creative, the goodies you put inside each one can be anything you fancy, include playing cards, sweets, hand written promises, tickets to their favourite concert, a travel game, personalised crosswords, or even a cute Christmas decoration to pop on the tree. You can have so much fun deciding!

And if it’s a bit of a dreary day outside, get the kids involved in helping you – paper crafts are safe and easy to do and you only need half an hour to dedicate to these festive makes – it’s time to get creative!

You will need:

-Gift wrap and tissue paper (we’ve used Victoria Eggs Festive Fun and Christmas Delights gift wrap, parcel wrap and white tissue)
-Ribbon/string -Scissors -Sticky tape -24 fun gifts for the family

How to make a homemade advent calendar

Step 1

Take each gift and wrap in different wrapping papers, securing tightly with sticky tape – if you wanted to be up to date with current affairs, why not use newspaper.

Step 2

Next, number each gift with the date it should be opened – why not mix and match the colours for a super stylish edge.

Step 3

Tie with string, leaving a long piece on one side and hang them to a coat hook, banister, door, or branch ready for your loved one to start opening from 1st December!

Have a happy countdown!

Craft: Victoria Eggs