Halloween glove goodie bags

Add a ghastly twist to trick or treating goodie bags by encasing the sweets and treats in surgical gloves. This cheap and incredibly straightforward craft will provide you with some great prank material and will definitely ensure some screams on an eerie Halloween night.

Our Halloween crafts for kids are the perfect way to spend some quality family time together.

This simple, two-step method to make these goodies bags from surgical gloves allows you to involve all of the family – from gathering the sweets (no pinching any!) to delicately placing a spooky ring on a spooky disembodied finger. Choose ribbons in oranges, blacks and reds for a true Halloween feel and pair them with skull, pumpkin and witchy ring designs.

Make sure to fill the gloves full of your children’s favourite sweets so that there aren’t really any gaps. This will make them look really effective as you’ll be able to put them in scary-looking positions around the house and they’ll feel heavy like a real hand – perfect for pranks.

Once you’ve made a handful (no pun intended) of these macabre Halloween decorations, you can have a whole lot of fun with how they play a part in your evening’s festivities. Have an eerie Halloween scarecrow outside your house with sweet-filled hands, place them around your house in a ghoulish hide and seek style or greet your guests at the door and watch in delight as they shriek when your hand drops off your body!

You will need…

  • Powder-free vinyl gloves
  • Paper-wrapped sweets & lollies
  • Ribbon
  • Spooky plastic rings

How to make your glove goodie bags

  • Fill the glove with paper-wrapped sweets and lollies.
  • Tie the top of the glove with some ribbon, then slip a spooky plastic ring onto a finger.