How to make a paper boat

Put your leftover Sunday papers to good use and let your kids’ imagination run wild with this stunning paper boat craft.


It’s so easy and cheap to make and is perfect for a bedroom centre piece, or smaller versions for party place settings. Make your room come alive with these stunning paper ships.

Personalise or decorate your boats with flags – you can even paint them in your favourite bright, striking colours.

You will need

  • Broadsheet newspaper
  • Wallpaper scraps
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Strong glue
  • String
  • Spot and stripe washi tapes

Step 1

Fold a sheet of newspaper in half (top to bottom). Then fold from side to side, to create a crease, and unfold. Next, fold the top left tip downwards, so it touches the middle crease. Do the same with the top right tip.

Step 2

Fold the bottom flap upwards, flip it over and fold the other bottom flap upwards. Insert your thumbs into the middleand pull outward. Press flat to create a square.

Step 3

With the point of the open side facing toward you, lift one bottom flap and make it touch the opposite tip. Turn over and repeat – you should have a triangle. Hold the two top tips and pull outwards to create a boat.

Step 4

Cut two small rectangular pieces of wallpaper. Push a skewer through each piece to create a sail, then poke it down thorugh the top of the boat and glue.

Step 5

Cut another skewer in half. Glue one half to each end of the boat. Stick strips of craft tape along a 50cm piece of string at intervals. Snip the tape into triangle. Sail away!

Craft: Suzie Attaway