How to make paper snowflakes: Get our FREE templates!

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  • Starting to get that festive feeling? Us too. That’s why we’ve come up with a great way to create your own snowy window display and decorate the house with these paper snowflakes. Keep the kids entertained for next to nothing: print out a few copies of each of our snowflake template designs and learn how to make your own snowflakes – it’s easy!

    When the kids have cut out lots of lovely paper snowflakes, get them to hold their snowflake template up against the window and spray fake snow over the top. When you take the snowflake template away, you’ll be left with a pretty snowflake design on the window. You can also hang up the paper snowflakes as Christmas decorations too.

    How to make a paper snowflake

    Time: 30 minutes Skill level: Beginner

    Snowflake template equipment:

    • Printed paper templates (choose from the ones below)
    • Scissors
    • Snow spray
    • Blue tack
    • White paper

    Snowflake template designs to print:

    Print out our traditional snowflake template design

    Print out our diamond snowflake template design

    Print out our star snowflake template design

    Snowflake template instructions:

    Print out our step-by-step illustrated snowflake template folding instructions

    Print out your chosen snowflake template. Cut the square template out.

    Fold the square in half along the central diagonal line. Fold this shape in half again, so that your sheet of paper resembles the one in the diagram instructions below.

    Fold both blank sections inwards, following the diagonal lines on the template. The black and white design triangle should now be the only large triangular section that remains visible.

    Cut off the spare white triangles overhanging from the top of the black and white triangle. Hold the folded triangle together and cut around the white snowflake design, removing all of the black paper.

    Open up the paper again to reveal your pretty paper snowflake. Hold the template against the window and spray with artificial snow. When you take the template away you’ll be left with a brilliant snowflake shape on the window. You could also hang the paper snowflakes next to your windows to add to the festive display.