How to make play dough toys

How adorable are these little characters made from a basic play dough recipe? Perfect for brightening up dull mornings or grey afternoons with their quirky expressions and gangly arms and legs!

In true trash to treasure style this activity transforms old toys and junk from that ‘man drawer’ or the ‘craft cupboard’, you know the ones, into toys the little ones will love.

Giving a plastic doll a mermaid tail is somehow one of the most magical play dough crafts we’ve seen and it’s such a simple trick! Then for lovers of all things gadgets the pasta robot men are sure to delight.

Simply make up a nice big batch of play dough and keep it in air tight tubs for times when you need a fun and fast activity. Experiment with colours and flavours (yep, those food flavourings for cakes will make your play dough smell amazing too – just make sure the kids don’t eat it!) too, to get the most from those rare moments when you have time to craft with the kids

You will need

  • Red, blue and turquoise play dough
  • Plastic figures
  • Paper clips, metal nuts, straws, spaghetti, small shells and gem stones to decorate with
  • Step 1

    Make up some balls of red, blue and turquoise play dough following the basic recipe.

    Step 2

    For the mermaids, simply mould some turquoise play dough around the doll’s bodies, and decorate with small shells and gem stones.

    Step 3

    For the robots, mould small balls of red and blue play dough into heads, bodies, hands and feet, and connect together with straws or spaghetti. Then decorate with metal nuts and paperclips.

    Craft: Suzie Attaway