How to make your own key rack

This key rack craft is here to help with those mornings when you’re super busy, pushed for time and frantically searching for your keys.

When you’re looking in all directions but they don’t have a have a home our little craft is here to help and it will not only give his keys the home they deserve, it will also bring much-needed organisation into life and reduce stress levels. Every important item needs a home otherwise we’d be completely lost.

Our tidy rack is an inexpensive and effective way of ensuring that you know instantly where your keys are. It can also bring decoration to your home and make a wall look less plain.

It’s up to you where to place your rack but the hallway is normally a good place, as you can collect the keys just before you leave the house. And 9-11 year olds can make this craft fairly quickly and they’ll love stencilling the letters on the rack.

With the word KEYS printed on the wood in big letters, it’s a rack that very hard to miss. The key sign below the letters also helps to add interest and make the craft more imaginative.

We have five hooks on our rack but feel free to use more depending on how many keys you own – give ’em a count and then you’ll know the exact amount of hooks to use.You don’t want to leave one pair of keys homeless!

You will need:

Piece of wood

Pale grey paint

Paint brush

Letter stencil



Masking tape

Black spray paint

Key stencil

Fine tip black pen



Step 1

Paint the piece of wood with pale grey paint and leave to dry.

Step 2

Stencil the word KEYS on the wood with a pencil. Starting with the first letter, put the stencil over the pencil lines and stick it in place with masking tape. Mask off other areas of the wood with paper and tape. Spray with black paint, remove the stencil and leave to dry. Repeat with the other letters.

Step 3

Draw around the key stencil in the middle of the key rack with a fine-tip black pen.

Step 4

Spray the hooks black and leave to dry. Mark the position of the hooks below the key drawing, then screw each in place.