How to personalise your pillowcase

This personalised craft is so easy to do any 5-7 year olds in your life can get involved, all you need is a plain pillowcase.

What’s so great about this pillowcase is just how thoughtful it is, when you think of pillows you think comfort, lie ins and general cosy feelings. This is what makes them the perfect objects to write sentimental messages on.

The personalised messages kids write can be as simple as LOVE or DAD or completely different, but one certainty is that they will all come straight from the heart anyone receiving one will love it.

While this craft is easy to do, adult help may be required at some stages, such as when it comes to ironing over the design to seal it, we don’t need to tell you that no little hands should be handling a hot iron.

After kids have written their messages why not create a pretty night scene by stamping on stars, they work very well around the message and fit the sleepy-natured them, otherwise just free-hand draw some hearts.

Anyone receiving this is sure to have pleasant dreams when they rest their head on their new pillow.

You will need:

  • Message printed on paper
  • Plain white pillowcase
  • Fabric pen
  • Star rubber stamp
  • Black ink

Step 1

Lay the pillowcase flay on a table and place the printed message inside, making sure it’s in the middle.

Step 2

Carefully trace over the printed message that’s showing through the pillowcase with a fabric pen. Stamp some stars around the message with black ink.

Step 3

Turn the pillowcase inside out and iron over the design. Allow to cool before turning right side out again.