22 kids’ party decorating hacks every parent needs to know about

Throwing a kids’ party is no easy task! From the invitations and the cake to the unending demands for party bags, there’s so much to be done before you’ve even thought about dressing up the venue – and these days, a few limp balloons and a bag of party poppers just ain’t gonna cut it.

Feeling the pressure? Check out these absolutely genius hacks from around the web, all of which you can make at home with stuff you’ve probably already got in the cupboard. Some of the DIYs might look tricky, but they’re surprisingly simple – we promise! – and once you’ve made them, you can sit back and soak up the compliments from the other, super-impressed parents that don’t know all of your crafty secrets.

Here are 22 incredibly clever ways to make your next kids’ party the best one yet…

1. Blow up balloons with just baking soda and vinegar

Image: Mom to 2 Lil Posh Divas
Finally, a way to inflate balloons that won’t leave you out of puff (or cost you a fortune)!

Get the instructions: Mom to 2 Lil Posh Divas

2. Put confetti in clear balloons for a pretty effect

Image: Brit.co
These would be perfect for a princess party! Go for colours that match your theme.

Get the instructions: Brit.co

3. Or dip them in glitter for the ultimate in sparkly style

Image: Sisters Suitcase Blog
Glitter + glue + a bog-standard balloon = the twinkly decor of your dreams.

Get the instructions: Sisters Suitcase Blog

4. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even turn them into animals

Image: Martha Stewart
Great for a zoo or farmyard event!

Get the instructions: Martha Stewart

5. Or flowers, if you’re that way inclined

Image: Kim McCrary

Get the instructions: Kim McCrary

6. Of course, no party is complete without banners. Try this DIY bow number

Image: Elizabeth Kartchner
It looks tricky, but, with the step-by-step guide, even novice crafters could have a go at this. You download the template online!

Get the instructions: Elizabeth Kartchner

7. Thread colourful cupcake cases onto string for an adorable baking-themed garland

Image: Cookie Mondays
A rather attractive way to go use up the ones that get slightly squished in the tub, don’t you think?

Get the instructions: Cookie Mondays

8. These easy peasy pompoms are made with just a ball of yarn and some string

Image: Best Birthdays
Essentially, all you need to do is snip up a ball of yarn – but doesn’t it look impressive?

Get the instructions: Best Birthdays

9. And this bunting is made from Ikea straws!

Image: Momo Design

Bless you, home of cheap furniture, excellent meatballs and the best party hack materials around.

Get the instructions: Momo Design

10. Upgrade your standard fairy lights with colourful cups

Image: Her Campus

So easy, you don’t even need a tutorial.

Get the instructions (just in case): Her Campus

11. Two words: FROZEN PARTY

Image: Magically Made

Just imagine the look on your little Elsa or Anna’s face!

Get the instructions: Magically Made

12. If you’re serving a sit-down meal, make this lolly stick table runner

Image: At Home With Love

You could even turn the paint spattering into a party activity…

Get the instructions: At Home With Love

13. Or how about a tablecloth they can decorate themselves?

Image: Pinterest

Add a few starter squiggles, leave out the (washable) felt tips and let them go wild.

Get the instructions: Pinterest

14. Every party needs a pinata

Image: Pretty Little Party Shop

Especially this one, which you can knock up in 30 minutes!

Get the instructions: Pretty Little Party Shop

15. Partying with a sweet theme? You need these giant lollipops…

Image: Pinterest

Balloons and cellophane are inexpensive seperately, but look like pricey props when you team them together.

Get the instructions: Pinterest

16. …and these pretty pastel ice cream cones too

Image: Sugar and Cloth

So sweet, we’ve practically got toothache. Styrofoam balls never looked so cute!

Get the instructions: Sugar and Cloth

17. This crepe paper rainbow will add a whimiscal feel to any bash

Image: Get Creative Juice

Remember to add an authentic bowl of gold (chocolate) coins at the end!

Get the instructions: Get Creative Juice

18. These chalk shapes are great for outdoor celebrations

Image: Masterpiece Wedding Bride

And yes, they do wash off the pavement afterwards…

Get the instructions: Masterpiece Wedding Bride

19. Don’t forget to capture all of the fun with your very own homemade photobooth

Image: A Pop of Pretty

The background is a cheap plastic tablecloth. We won’t tell if you don’t…

Get the instructions: A Pop of Pretty

20. Or a cut-out in the theme of the party

Image: Coriallee

Make life easy by making yours out of cardboard, not wood.

Get the instructions: Coriallee

21. Giant numbers are a requirement if you’re celebrating a milestone

Image: Oh Happy Day

Get the instructions: Oh Happy Day

22. This homemade tassel decoration will liven up the plainest of cakes

Image: Design Dazzle

Add some sweets in corresponding colours, and you’re good to go!

Get the instructions: Design Dazzle

And if you’ve done all of that, and you’re still not DIY’d out?

Image: Design Dazzle

We present to you the cardboard box maze, which will make you the coolest mum in the history of party throwing mums.

You’re welcome.