Homemade picture bead coasters

These coasters make a great rainy day activity to keep the kids occupied. You can choose any style you want – even, maybe, a retro style Tetris pattern – and you can also go for shades that suit your decor.

And, if you’re a fan of oversized mugs (more coffee the better), you now have the power to make coasters to fit any size or shaped mug or glass you own!

You can even personalise each coaster, if you’re feeling super creative, making one for each member of the family to use by including their initial in the design.

Using picture beads to make your coasters is super easy and makes it a great and fun activity for the kids, as well as any adults who are feeling particularly crafty on a rainy afternoon!

This chevron pattern will only take half an hour of your time to make!

You will need:

  • Coaster template 
  • Black, white, yellow and green picture beads 
  • Square pegboard 
  • Ironing paper 
  • Iron

Step 1

Using the template as your guide, place the picture beads on the square pegboard in a chevron pattern – or your choice of pattern if you’re feeling creative.

Step 2

When you’re happy with the look of the arrangement, and don’t worry decisions are tough so this may take some time, place a piece of ironing paper over the beads and iron on a hot setting. Make sure you move the iron gently from side to side in a slow, smooth movement until the beads begin to fuse.

Step 3

Once the beads have fused, allow to cool before carefully removing the paper and bead coaster from the pegboard, then use at will to protect all your surfaces.