Impressive science experiments to try at home

Turn your home into a science lab with these easy-to-do experiments.

Not only will they teach your little ones some basics of science, but they’re also really good fun – for both big and little kids alike.

From growing crystals to making slime from washing up liquid, we’ve rounded up our very favourite ways to make science fun in this feature. 

All of these experiments can be done with children from quite a young age, making them the perfect weekend family activity.

Colour changing milk

This is a great way to teach children about colour mixing. You just need milk, food colouring and a squirt of washing up liquid. Use a cotton bud to swirl the colours and then enjoy the magic as the colours mix together.

Try it: GoodtoKnow’s colour changing milk experiment

Spark an eruption


Baking soda is a great kitchen science staple. By adding other every day ingredients such as vinegar or washing up liquid, you can amaze your little ones with fizzing, exploding volcanos!

Try it: GoodtoKnow’s volcano experiment for kids

Make a rainbow 

Not only does this rainbow jar look pretty, but it also teaches children about density as the heavier layers fall to the bottom, creating the rainbow effect.

Try it: Rainbow jars by Playdough to Plato

Bounce an egg

Pickle an egg in vinegar for several days and you’ll be left with a transparent bouncy egg. Don’t bounce it on your best carpet though, just in case it doesn’t work…

Try it: Make a bouncy egg by The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Create giant gummy bears

Teach kids about osmosis with this super simple experiment. Drop some gummy bears in water and wait for them to grow.

Try it: Giant gummy bears by Mama Smiles

Grow your own crystals

This science project shows how crystals are formed, and the end results taste pretty good as well. While they’re easy to make, they do require a bit of patience – just keep reminding your kids that it will be worth it in the end!

Try it: Grow your own crystals by Hapiness Is Homemade 


Make water walk!

This impressive looking experiment is very easy to set up – you just need some jars, food colouring and kitchen roll. It helps explain capillary action – how water ‘climbs’ up to the top of plants and trees from their roots – in a totally visual way that most kids will get.

Try it: Walk on water by Coffee Cups and Crayons 

Make slime

The ultimate fun experiment, demonstrating what happens when different chemical compounds react together – and also providing plenty of enjoyment after it’s made.

All you need is PVA glue and some laundry detergent – Aldi’s Almat Laundry Gel is apparently the best one to use.

Try it: How to make slime by Fun At Home With Kids