9 times Peppa Pig taught your child more than you did (#3 will make you hang your head in shame)

Ever noticed how smug Peppa Pig looks? Ever thought that her snorts were secretly mocking you?

There’s something behind that little pig’s wry smile that we don’t like, and we’ve finally realised what it is. She’s having more influence over our kids than we are.

Here are nine times she’s taught them more than we’ve managed to. Number three is something she’s had to teach us, too. Damn that curly-tailed little sow.

1. That the gravitational pull is smaller on the moon, according to this tiny elephant.

2. Daddies are not DIY experts. No matter how much they say they are.


3. That concave surfaces reflect light waves inversley to their origin. Yes, your two year old knows that.


4. The television runs on electricity and is not, contrary to your kids’ beliefs, a magical window into a world of little people and their miniature lives. Unfortunately.


5. That smoothies are actually dinosaur juice (why didn’t we think of that one?)


6. That a seahorse is a fish. Not a horse. Nor a dinosaur. (How does she make it sound so simple?!) 


7. Daddy’s job is to start the barbeque. Mummy’s job is to end it. With a fire extinguisher.

8. That the tooth fairy won’t leave more than £1 for your tooth (thank god for this one).

9. That the Queen can give you the day off school. But ONLY the Queen.


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