‘We’re having a baby!’ Tom Fletcher’s gorgeous pregnancy announcement

As if it wasn’t enough by making us all ‘aww’ with his wedding speech video from last year, McFly’s Tom Fletcher has been working his musical magic again with this adorable song and pregnancy announcement video.

Tom, 28, married wife, Giovanna, in May last year, and gave the most adorable speech by singing his thanks to friends, family and his bride.

And over a year on he’s done it again by making this gorgeous home video to announce his wife’s pregnancy.

The video, which shows the young couple carving out pumpkins just a few days before Halloween, features the McFly star singing a song about his new baby, and ends with the couple turning their pumpkins around to reveal the message: ‘We’re having a baby!’

The singer posted the video on his YouTube account with the caption, ‘We have some news… Sometimes the best way to say something is with a pumpkin, and a song.’

The video’s already had almost 400,000 views and we think this one’s going to be as big a hit as his wedding speech!

Watch the video below, it’s seriously cute. We wonder whether they’ll treat us to a gender reveal video, and a birth announcement one? We do hope so!

How you did you announce you were pregnant? Let us know in our comments section below.

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