Top Christmas toys 2020: Must have Christmas toys for boys and girls 2020

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  • The top Christmas toys 2020 have started to be announced and we bet quite a few of these will make your little one's list...

    Predictions on the top Christmas toys are released every year and more often than not, they fly off the shelves and are sold out months before the big day. If you want to make sure your little one has exactly the presents they asked for to open up on Christmas morning, it’s worth preparing early.

    Every year there are certain toys that become the most wanted items by children across the country. Knowing what they are in advance, will save you a lot of stress and money and your little one a lot of disappointment. All the major toy stores release their predictions on what the top Christmas toys are going to be and they’re usually pretty accurate.

    Argos has recently released a list of top Christmas toys for 2020 and there’s something for everyone – from intricate Mario LEGO sets to flying fairy dolls.

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    To save you from having to scroll through all of their websites, we’ve collated all the lists in one easy place so you can see if any of the toys will suit your little one, including the new additions from Argos as well as the top Christmas toys from last year.

    From high street stores like John Lewis, to giant internet retailers like Amazon, the top trends and predictions vary. In the weeks and months before Christmas it’s likely the prices of these products will fluctuate, so deciding which presents you want to prioritise for your little one is a good way to narrow down which products to track.

    Be sure to look out for promotional codes, coupons and sales as well as big events life Black Friday. When you know exactly what toys you want to buy it’s easier to compare the prices from different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

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