A toymaker turns kids drawings into real toys – and it’s magical

Ever looked at your kids drawings and thought:

1) What even is that?

2) How on earth could that even resemble a toy?

Well, a genius toy company has come up with a very simple and clever idea of replicating children’s drawings into real life stuffed toys.

Budsies.com are the brains behind this cute operation. Inspired by his sister Michelle, the creator (who remains nameless) wanted to bring his sibling’s drawings to life instead of seeing them tucked away in storage once she got older.

We think it’s a pretty genius idea and a great way to preserve those childhood memories of your little ones – imagine their faces when they see their drawings come to life!

Here’s a few of our favourites…



2. The most adorable mushroom we’ve ever seen!


3. A cute self-portrait perhaps? 


4. A funky blue caterpillar with an equally stylish top hat.


5. Sometimes toy cats are even better than the real thing.


6. What a champ! 


If your kids love drawing and you want to surprise them this Christmas by turning their talents into real cuddly stuffed toys, check out Budsies.com.

The American-based company ship to the UK – all you have to do is upload the drawing of your choice and it will be delivered straight to your door.

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