Best toys for 2 year old boys and girls

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  • We’ve rounded up the best toys for 2-year-old kids so whether you’re looking for gifts for 2 year olds that they’ll love or to treat your little one to a new toy that’s both fun and great for their development, we’ve got you covered.

    Most parents will tell you that the ‘terrible twos’ is definitely more than a myth, but along with the tantrums and testing times also comes and amazing age that sees a child’s personality really start to shine through.

    As your toddler continues to grow and develop, their toys will need to change with them too. Sensory baby toys will no longer keep these tots with endless energy entertained.

    What are the best toys for 2 year olds?

    The best toys for 2-year-old kids will allow them practice their newly learnt skills as a toddler whilst helping them develop new ones.

    ‘Most children will take their first steps and say their first words by the time they are 18 months old,’ says Geraldine Butler, who is a health visitor and author of Teach Yourself Successful Potty Training.

    So when buying toys for 2-year-olds you want to keep in mind that this little one is a walking, talking, explorer with bags of energy.

    The best toys for two year old children will depend on what stage they have reached in their development. Research shows that boys often reach physical milestones earlier, while girls tend to learn to speak at a younger age and have better fine motor skills. So buying toys for 2 year old boys may differ from the best toys for 2 year old girls at the same age, if they are at different stages.

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    No matter what developmental stage they are at however, children thrive on love and attention. So choosing toys that can be played with together with loved ones is always a great idea.

    Especially at the age of two when kids are learning and growing so quickly, parents should commit to spending at least 10 minutes each day giving their child them their full, undivided attention.

    How do I stimulate my 2 year old and keep them busy?

    The best toys for 2-year-olds will do both of these things and more. The key to keeping a 2 year old occupied and busy for long enough to give you a break – or at least finish a cup of tea – is for them to be engaged in what they are playing with.

    Two year olds also have a wider vocabulary of around 50 single words by this age. Encouraging them to play with toys that develop their use of language and where they can practice these words will be both stimulating and educational.

    At this age too your child may begin to show an increased interest in playing with other children. Interacting with other kids is not only highly stimulating and enjoyable for two year olds but is also educational.

    Child development expert and psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer explained to us the benefits of children playing with their peers at this age: ‘building a tower with bricks develops hand eye coordination, and spatial awareness etc when done alone. But when children are playing together to build the tower, there’s a lot more going on – communication, collaboration, turn taking, discussing strategies, imagination, and a shared sense of achievement.’

    Learning to share, take turns and communicate with others are all-important lessons for little ones. However you may need to supervise along the way to make sure not every play date ends in tears.