Best toys for three year olds

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  • The best toys for three year olds will really help them embrace the changes and child development stages they are going through at this age.

    Three year olds show an increased sense of independence, curiosity in the world around them (you will be asked lots of questions) and will have developed skills like holding a pencil well, climbing, scooting, riding a balance bike and more.

    These new skills and newfound independence mean there are a whole host of new toys for three year olds that they will love to play with and we’ve rounded up the best below.

    So, whether you’re looking for the perfect present for a three year old or just treating a little tyke in your life to a new toy, we’ve got you covered.

    What kind of games can three year olds play?

    The best toys for three year olds will allow them to do something they absolutely love at this age – playing with others!

    Child development expert and psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer explained to us:

    ‘As children get older, their friends have a bigger and more important role to play and this starts with the transition around 2 or 3 years of age from parallel play to cooperative play.

    ‘Children go from playing alongside other children with minimal interaction to playing with them, either competing with them or collaborating with them.’

    A child’s imagination begins to really develop at age three too, so this will change the way that they play too. You will start to see how they enjoy pretend or make-believe games – and may even invent an imaginary friend.

    Little girls dressed in theatrical costume laughing and smiling together.

    ‘As children start to get ready for school, play sets and dressing up toys and other games that they can play with friends are great,’ Dr Amanda recommends.

    What are the best learning toys for three year olds?

    Your child’s language skills will be improving every day around this age, making it a good time to introduce your child to letters and sounds.

    You don’t want to put them under any pressure to learn however, so keeping it fun and playful with educational toys is a great way to do this. We’ve included some below in our round up of the best toys for three year olds.

    Dr. Amanda Gummer also advises that ‘holistic development’ is just as important as ‘learning things like letters and numbers.’

    ‘Communication skills are key when in a group setting so helping children develop their language skills so they can be understood and can ask for things when they are in a childcare setting is really beneficial,’ she explains.

    ‘Social skills such as sharing and turn taking are also important so playing simple games and having play dates where children can practise sharing are great.’

    Two boys coloring together at table next to window

    Your child’s memory will also be improving now, and they may be able to remember the words and tunes of favourite songs or nursery rhymes. Three year olds may also be able to count to 10 and recognise some colours. So any games that help practice these skills are also good.

    What are the best toys for three year olds?

    Below we’ve rounded up the best toys for three year olds out there for 2020. From toys and dolls that will encourage their emotional development to games that will challenge their newly learnt skills.

    The most important thing about all of the toys for three year olds included below? Kids and parents alike both love them! So you can be assured that you’re in good company when purchasing one for the lucky three year old in your life.

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