Heartbreak for Robbie’s best mate Jonathan Wilkes as he and wife lose their baby

Jonny Wilkes has tweeted his heartbreak after he and his wife lost their baby. The panto star and his wife were expecting their second child.

The 36 year old took to Twitter and announced the news to his followers, expressing his devastation and calling the time ‘the worst week of my life’:

Jonny expressed his grief on Twitter.

The couple, who have been married since 2004 and are parents to eight-year-old Mickey, had been expecting their second child. Nikki is thought to have been around four months pregnant.

Jonny and Nikki have been married since 2004.

Jonny’s been best friends with Robbie Williams since childhood, when the boys’ mums were best friends. The tragic news comes just weeks after Robbie welcomed his second baby with his wife Ayda Field.

Robbie and Jonny have been friends since childhood.

Jonny announced the couple’s pregnancy news via Twitter on October 26 – suggesting the couple had been for their three-month scan.

 The couple were expecting their second child.


Jonny is dad to eight-year-old Mickey.

According to pregnancy charity Tommy’s, 1 in 4 UK women will miscarry – that’s a shocking 25%. Statistics are uncertain because information about women that miscarry is only kept if the woman is admitted to hospital as a result, nothing is recorded for those who visit their GP.

It is most common in the first trimester between 7-12 weeks, and reasons for it happening are often completely unexplained, although plenty of women go on to have healthy pregnancies thereafter.

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