The trendiest baby name of all time has been revealed and it may surprise you

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  • The trendiest baby name of all time has been revealed and it may actually surprise you...

    Certain baby names’ popularity rises and falls quite regularly, often depending on what TV shows, films, celebrities or trends are being most talked about at a certain time.

    Harley jumped to number three of the gender-neutral chart last year, and Quinn to number five, suggesting Suicide Squad supervillain Harley Quinn had a part to play in some parents’ decisions, according to Lorna Marsh, BabyCentre associate editor.

    Some are classics that stick around more or less consistently and these are considered ‘popular’ – being picked by parents all the time – while ‘trendy’ names see a surge in popularity over a relatively short period of time.

    David Taylor, a biotechnologist and blogger, used his expert knowledge to develop a metric that is able to work what the trendiest name of all time is, considering a ‘name’s popularity’ and the ‘rate of its rise and decline’, as first pointed out by Buzzfeed.

    After the investigation, David found that Linda has been the trendiest name ever, having peaked between 1940 and 1960.

    Linda is apparently the trendiest name ever in the US

    However, the results only apply to the US, which would explain why Lindas aren’t quite so omnipresent in the UK. In the exact year it peaked – 1947 – 5.5 per cent of girls in the US were named Linda.

    The popularity of the name Linda during that time is linked to Jack Lawrence’s song ‘Linda’. The singer wrote it to Linda Eastman, the 5-year-old daughter of his attorney, Lee Eastman, who later become Beatle’s singer Paul McCartney first wife.

    Linda was followed by Brittany, Debra and Shirley in the ranking of trendiest baby girl names ever.

    The analysis didn’t offer results as astonishing when it comes to baby boy’s names, and David explained why.

    ‘As has been remarked by many analysts, girls’ names tend to rise and fall in popularity higher and quicker than those of boys’, he writes in his blog.