The 9 types of mums you’ll find at the supermarket

There was once a time when all you needed to take to the supermarket was a shopping list. Not nowadays, my friend.

Nowadays your weekly food shop doesn’t consist of having a friendly catch-up with the local green grocer, it demands elbow pads, an iron fist and the patience of a saint.

Here are 9 mums who are doing their best – in their own little ways – to survive the supermarket. It’s every mum for herself. Which one are you?

1. The Super-Savvy Mum
Who will stop at nothing to get their hands on a bargain – even if it’s something they don’t want/need/like

2. The Supermarket Sweep Mum
Who will systematically scours the shelves with military-style precision, splitting her family up into teams in a faultless display of wit and cunning.

3. The ‘Just-a-Minute’ Mum
Who gets to the checkout and suddenly needs to dash off back into the store for something she’s forgotten – and takes ten minutes going about it

4. The Rummager Mum
The ones who are so desperate to get the ‘good stuff’, that they’ll dive to the back of shelves and the bottom of freezers to get it

5. The Polite Mum
Who’s too nice to ask someone to move, but is secretly channeling her hate at other shoppers behind her friendly smile and common courtesies

6. The Meticulous-Conveyor-Belt-Loading Mum
She scoffs at your inferior packing and laughs at the way your loose lime rolls uncontrollably around the belt.

7. The Law-Unto-Herself Mum

A woman so desperate to get her hands on the 3-for-£10 meat deal at Asda that she will park wherever the hell she likes, thank you very much

8. The Crafty-Manouvre Mum

Who always thinks she’s found a shorter queue than everybody else, only to discover there’s a ‘checkout closed’ sign blocking her every turn.

9. And then there’s the mum who let her child take the trolley back…

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