Victoria Beckham names her baby girl

Victoria Beckham is rumoured to have already chosen the name Luna for her baby girl – taking inspiration from the Spanish word for moon.

It’s thought that she wanted to name her son, Cruz, Luna before she knew the sex of their third child, saying in 2004: ‘I love the word Luna. I know it’s a girl’s name – so maybe for the next baby.’

But shortly after Cruz was born, David’s teammate Frank Lampard and Elen Rivas named their eldest daughter Luna. So will Posh decide on something else?

Coco was another name Posh fell in love with – after the French designer – but after having three boys, it was the family’s pet bulldog that ended up with that one.

David and Victoria named their first born after the place he was conceived, the American city of Brooklyn, then Romeo, perhaps in a nod to the ill-fated Shakespearian character and then chose the unusual Spanish name Cruz, which is more traditionally used as a surname.

Victoria is due to give birth later this summer.