VIDEO David Beckham talks family life in new interview

David Beckham has opened up about his family life in a new world-wide interview with Yahoo.

In the interview the footballer admits his children and wife Victoria are the most important things in the world to him.

‘Our priority is the children,’ he says. ‘We respect our careers and love what they’ve given us and the countries we’ve been able to see but the children are our priority whether I’m playing for England at one side of world and Victoria at the other. We always make sure one of us is with the boys. It’s very important to us.

‘Everyday the kids say something funny, Brooklyn doesn’t say much. Cruz will talk the whole day. Romeo the same but Brooklyn says hardly anything. He’s starting to notice girls – typical teenager.’

David also opened up about the first time he met Victoria, claiming he had to get her drunk to fall in love with him.

‘She was at a (football) game and in the players’ lounge she was there and we started talking, she’d had a bit to drink and we changed numbers. I made her fall in love with me by giving her more wine!’

David said he keeps their love alive after 11 years by going on romantic drives on their date nights.

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