Amazing video: Baby narrowly escapes trolley fall

If you use a baby seat with a trolley, you might want to double check it’s secured properly before heading round the supermarket. A viral video shows how a shop assistant in the US dived to save a baby after it fell out of a baby seat balanced on top of a trolley.

Christopher Strickland was working at the Home Depot Store in South Anchorage in America when he spotted a child seat balanced on top of a non-child friendly shopping trolley. Foreseeing the accident, he kept an eye on the baby’s dad as he headed around the store.

Luckily, when the seat did tip over, the 19-year-old was on hand to catch the baby as it fell. The father’s back was turned as he paid for his goods at the till.

From the look of it, the baby wasn’t even strapped into the baby seat, meaning when it fell, the baby slipped right out and went plummeting towards the floor.

Next time you head to the shops, make sure you strap your child safely into their car seat and that you’re using the right sort of trolley – check with supermarket staff if you’re not sure which trolley to use.

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