Watch: The naughty brothers who got paint all over their faces – and their dad who’s trying not to laugh

Take a moment to sympathise with the dad facing this conundrum.

His kids have been naughty. Really naughty. They’ve got paint EVERYWHERE. All over their faces, in their hair, down their clothes, and all over the house. But, you can’t deny, it’s ruddy funny, isn’t it?

And so this is the complexity that this dad faces: how to punish his kids, without laughing.

‘Who got the paint out?’ the dad asks. Well, the result is hilarious.

Watch and see for yourself!


See these cheeky kids dodge their dad’s questions…

The cheeky brothers do their best to avoid their dad’s interrogation about how they got paint all over their faces, much to his amusement.

The video, which was published on YouTube on 17 November 2014, has already had almost five million views on YouTube, and it’s still climbing.

You’d better hope Father Christmas doesn’t see this vid kids, or you’ll be on his naughty list for sure.

‘Who got the paint out?’ He did.

Eventually the dad just can’t keep a straight face anymore, and the boys start giggling too.

‘It’s not funny!’ says dad, while laughing…


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