Watch this baby see his reflection for the first time and other cute baby firsts

Things must be so confusing for babies, experiencing so many things for the first time, but it is quite funny (and quite cute) watching these first moments in a child’s life.

From seeing themselves in a mirror, to experiencing rain, snow and ultra-sour foods like lemons, we’ve rounded up the best first baby moments.

Prepare yourselves – these are super-cute and of course funny to boot!


Who knew a sneeze could literally knock you over?


This baby just can’t get enough of his own face. Really.


This little girl certainly wasn’t complaining about the rain, despite getting absolutely soaked!


Just watch these kids get confused when they have a soft landing in the snow.

Laughing and absolute horror

We love how this baby is chuckling away when the look of absolute fear crosses his face. We wonder what happened to make him pull sich an expression!


Hiccups are funny when anyone has them, but even more hilarious when combined with baby laughs!


How do you explain something that isn’t there? These babies just don’t get it!


It’s no surprise bubbles are baffling – after all, they are just, well, air!


This baby has no idea what’s going on, but he seems to love the fireworks anyway!


We think we’d probably have a face like this if our parents fed us lemon!

Ice cream

It really is cold, even if you don’t have teeth.

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