Study suggests that babies born in September might be more successful than their peers

Good news for September babies – a new study has explained why children born in the ninth month of the year might be more successful than their peers, and it actually makes perfect sense…

Debating which month of the year is the best to be born is an age old discussion, and it tends to revolve around personal preferences like seasons, holidays, events (who wants a Christmas birthday?).

But it turns out that science might have settled the old argument once and for all, as researchers found a link between babies born in September and how successful they are later in life.

The study, done by the US National Bureau of Economic Research, found ‘a positive relationship between school starting age and children’s cognitive development from age 6 to 15’.

Researchers found that starting school a little later in life could have a positive effect on a child’s cognitive development, and could even increase the likelihood of a child going to university, as well as reduce the likelihood of incarceration.

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Beyonce is famously a September baby

As children born in September are more developed than children born in August, for instance, that means they probably have a leg up on children who are younger but are in the same class.

It’s not the first time September babies have been flagged up by studies as being potentially more successful than then Spring and Summer peers.

According the BBC, who analysed data obtained from Oxford and Cambridge universities under the freedom of information act, autumn births were 25% more likely to get an Oxbridge place compared to summer-born applicants. Winter and spring births were 17% and 15% more likely to get places, respectively, than summer-born hopefuls.

Of course there are many other factors that contribute to a child’s development, but sounds like September babies could have a natural advantage – well done, Virgos.

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