Woman shares heartbreaking story behind tattoo to encourage conversation about miscarriage

Joan Bremer shared her unique tattoo on social media site Imgur and revealed the heartbreaking reason she chose the design.

The tattoo, a single line connecting two hearts, symbolises the emotion she felt when she went through a miscarriage. Seven weeks into her first pregnancy, she went to the doctors with bleeding and cramping. The doctors sadly confirmed that she was having a miscarriage.

‘It took about three days to recover, and during that time I thought of getting a tattoo to mark this life experience,’ Joan, 31, told today.com. ‘For me, all the tattoos I have signify something, and even though this was a painful time, I still wanted to be able to remember it in some way.’  
Image: Imgur

Joan got married last year and said she and her husband will try for another baby soon.

She also revealed that if she were to have child in the future she would add a rainbow to the tattoo design. If she were to have another miscarriage, she would add another heart to the tattoo.

Other women have since shared their tattoos to symbolise what miscarriage meant to them, including tattoos of babies feet and touching words such as ‘never in my arms, forever in my heart’

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When Joan posted the picture of her tattoo on social media, she had overwhelming feedback from other woman who had been in the same situation. Comments included: ‘Small, artistic, meaningful’ and ‘It’s time to end the stigma around miscarriages and talk about them more’.

Joan said that she hopes sharing her tattoo will encourage other women to openly talk about miscarriage.