8 woodland nursery ideas for your little one’s room

The newest and not to mention cutest baby decor trend is here, and it’s taking the lovely and leafy form of woodland nurseries.

Little people need beautiful boudoirs too, and whether you’re preparing for your first or your fifth bundle of joy we can bet you’re deciding how to decorate their nursery.

The woodland nursery trend is perfect for a little one’s first bedroom because it works for any gender, so if you’re waiting to find out the sex of your baby the old fashioned way or you’re following the gender neutral trend, this will work for your family.

Although it looks impressive, creating your own mini woodland is surprisingly easy and can be lots of fun with some simple DIY touches. Think soothing green tones, woody accessories and lots of adorable woodland animals.

Here’s eight ways you can recreate a woodland nursery in your own home using some DIY touches!

1. Branch clothing hooks

Image: Pinterest
Considering how adorable newborns’ clothes are, it makes sense to show them off! Let your little one’s finery take centre stage with some tree-inspired clothing hooks, a great form of storage and wonderfully woodland-y.

Where can I buy branch hooks?
Etsy, £19.50
Etsy, £15

How can I make my own branch hooks?

  • If you’re feeling handy then you could make your own branch hooks by (carefully) nailing some hooks to a plank of wood
  • There’s a whole range of hooks available online, particularly from Amazon
  • 2. Woodland-themed wall mural

    Image: Pinterest
    If you want to give your woodland nursery the ‘wow factor’ try a woodland animal-themed wall mural, like this Bambi lookalike. If you consider yourself a bit of an artist, why not put paintbrush to plaster? For those feeling less brave a little search online will present you with easy transfers and stencils that you can use at home.

    Where can I buy a woodland-themed wall mural?
    Not On The Highstreet, £80
    Ebay, £11

    3. Leafy lighting touches

    Image: Pinterest
    We love this idea to create a soft glow in your baby’s room whilst tying into the woodland nursery theme. It’s super easy and inexpensive to do, simply buy a fake ivy leaf decoration, a string of fairy lights and intertwine the two.

    Where can I buy some leafy fairy lights?
    Ebay £15.99

    How can I make my own leafy fairy lights?

  • If you fancy making your own you could buy a leafy garland and fairy lights separately from places like Amazon
  • Intertwine the ivy garland and string of fairy lights using small clear cable ties to keep them together. You should aim to use a cable tie every half a foot.
  • 4. Branch mobile

    This baby name mobile is a simple but beautiful touch for your woodland nursery. It’s as easy as it looks and can be customised to display whatever you like, whether it’s your child’s name or an assortment of decorations.

    Where can I buy a branch mobile?
    Etsy, £96
    Etsy, £65

    How can I make my own branch mobile?

  • If you have any woods or trees near you, you can get really creative and just use a real branch cut from a tree (just make sure you’re allowed to take the branch first!)
  • You can buy wooden letters from as little as 92p from Amazon. Letters look really cute hanging from these branches, but so do little hearts or decorations
  • Once you have your branch and letters it’s really easy! Just use some string or ribbon to attach your decorations by looping them over the branch so that they hang below it
  • 5. Woodland wallpaper

    Image: Pinterest
    If wall murals aren’t your thing why not try some woodland-themed wallpaper instead? Arguably easier and just as beautiful, choose a simple tree theme or something more aimed at children with a woodland focus to make an instant impact.

    Where can I buy woodland wallpaper?
    Cole and Son, £72
    Murals wallpaper £25
    Homebase, £12.99

    6. Branch shelves

    Image: Pinterest
    Along with your new baby comes a lot of items you never needed before, so make your storage needs as beautiful as possible with some feature shelving. Paint the outline of your tree on to the wall first and you can then see where you need to position your branch shelves.

    Where can I buy branch shelves?
    Etsy, £16
    Etsy, £55

    7. Rustic tipi

    Image: Pinterest
    Every child wants a den, and a stylish yet fun tipi like this one is ideal for your woodland theme. From a practical perspective this is a super cute place for your kids to play or read and it looks great too.

    Where can I buy a rustic tipi?
    Jac in a box, £59
    Etsy, £85

    8. Your own woodland creature

    Image: Pinterest
    What’s the perfect finishing touch to a woodland nursery we hear you ask? Well your very own little woodland creature of course! As if they aren’t cute enough, try dressing them up as a mini deer or fox to really make yourself feel Pinterest worthy!

    Where can I buy a newborn woodland creature onesie?
    Etsy, £23
    Etsy, £6

    How can I make my own woodland creature onesie?
    Knitting is the way to go with this one, so if you’re an avid knitter you just need to find the pattern of a cute woodland-style animal to get started.
    You will need to purchase a pattern online and they are pretty easy to find, we like these ones in particular:

  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Owl
  • Are you thinking of trying a woodland nursery for your little one? Let us know in the comments below!