Expelled over the contents of his lunchbox: 6-year-old Riley and brother kicked out of school after Mini-Cheddar gate!

Six-year-old Riley Pearson has now been expelled after last week’s Mini Cheddar incident.

Riley Pearson was not allowed to lessons for four days after a packet of Mini Cheddars was found in his lunchbox, but this has now been escalated to a permanent expulsion.

Riley’s dad said the headmaster had made the decision after the school came under fire in the media.

‘He rang and told me the decision had been made to exclude Riley permanently and we had given the school a bad reputation because of the media coverage.’

Riley’s younger brother has also been told to leave the school.

Colnbrook CofE Primary School in Slough, Berkshire has banned what it considers ‘unhealthy foods’ including chocolate, crisps, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks, allowing pupils to only bring in such items for their birthdays.

A statement issued by the school said it had taken action against a pupil who,’persistently and deliberately breached school policy by bringing in crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls, mini sausages and scotch eggs.

‘We have not excluded a pupil for just having Mini Cheddars in their lunchbox, but where there is a persistent and deliberate breach of school policy.’

Do you think the school has gone too far by expelling this six-year-old, or is the school setting a good example to those who break the rules? Comments below.

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