13 amazing things to make with Mini Eggs this Easter

Mini Eggs have got to be one of our absolute favourite things about Easter. The delicious chocolates aren’t in the shops long so while they’re here, you should definitely indulgence in one of these amazing creations. Now will you choose a Mini Egg cake, rocky road or brownies – or all 13 of our delicious treats?

Of course, if it isn’t Easter and you can’t get your paws on some delicious Mini Eggs then you could substitute in any of your favourite chocolate. Smarties would work well in their place, or small chocolate buttons.

Once thing’s for sure, if you choose to make one of these Mini Egg recipes they won’t be around for long…

Mini Egg mug cakes

This Mini Egg mug cake couldn’t be quicker or easier, making it the perfect excuse for a little treat to yourself! Just a few spoonfuls of baking staples and you can have this hot from the microwave in under ten mins!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg mug cake

Mini Egg cake

The bright, vibrant colour of Mini Eggs makes them the perfect choice for decorating your cake. Rows and rows of the colourful balls of chocolate will finish off any Easter Cake you’re planning to make.

Get the recipe: Mini Egg cake

Mini Egg brownie tart

A brownie tart has to be one of our favourite creations and we knew just how to try it out for ourselves – top it with Mini Eggs! The thick, gooey brownie mix is given a extra bit of bite with the crumbly pastry and the crunch of the eggs – chocolate heaven!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg brownie tart

Mini Egg bark

Bark or slabs of chocolate are so easy to make but they look very impressive. We swirled white chocolate with pastel food colourings and topped it with crushed Mini Eggs. An easy but impressive treat for Easter.

Get the recipe: Mini Egg bark

Mini Egg bars

Give the kids a naughty Easter treat in their lunchboxes by making some special Mini Egg bars. A layer of brownie, topped with buttercream and covered in chocolate is the perfect base for a trio of Mini Eggs.

Get the recipe: Mini Egg bars

Mini Egg pancakes

We love a pancake at goodtoknow, they’re definitely not just for one day a year. Thick, American-style pancakes are the perfect base for some more Mini Egg experimentation. Mini Eggs in the batter, drizzled in chocolate and topped with more Eggs, these pancakes are the naughtiest breakfast we think we’ve ever seen!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg pancakes

Mini Egg millionaire’s shortbread (with salted caramel)

After attempting many a Mini-onaire style puns we decided simply on Mini Egg millionaire’s shortbread – we think that sounds tasty enough! To cut through the extra sweetness, we included a layer of salted caramel. Delicious.

Get the recipe: Mini Egg millionaire’s shortbread

Mini Egg hot cross buns

Can you think of anything more Easter than Mini Eggs and hot cross buns combined? Making the buns with a chocolate dough and chunks of melting Mini Eggs will give them a lovely sweet treat – and that traditional cross? Melted white chocolate, of course!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg hot cross buns

Mini Egg flower pots

These pretty flower pots are a fun thing to make with the kids. All you need is a little melted chocolate, Rice Krispie Squares and a stick and you’re ready to go!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg flower pots

Mini Egg cookies

Making Easter biscuits is classic way to spend some time with the kids this Easter. And what better way to make biscuits than with big chunks of Mini Eggs?

Get the recipe: Mini Egg cookies

Mini Egg doughnuts

Sometimes you don’t need to make a whole new recipe, you can just add some Mini Eggs into one of your favourites. That’s what we did with these naughty doughnuts. We took Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate doughnuts recipe and added chopped Mini Eggs into the filling of the full doughnuts and topped the ring ones with a simple ring of Mini Eggs.

Get the recipe: Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate doughnuts

Mini Egg chocolate mousse

Another recipe that just needed a sprinkling of Mini Eggs was our classic chocolate mousse – which is actually pretty easy to whip up. Add in crushed Mini Eggs into the mixture and sprinkle once set and you’ve transformed it into an Easter treat.

Get the recipe: Chocolate mousse

Mini Egg rocky road

Who doesn’t love rocky road? The chunky chocolate creation is the perfect setting for Mini Eggs. The Easter twist is so full of flavour, your rocky road just won’t taste the same when the Easter treats aren’t in the shops!

Get the recipe: Mini Egg rocky road