19 amazing lunch boxes you’d love to make (if you had the time!)

Ready for your standard cheese sandwich and apple to be put to shame? These amazing designs prove that with a little imagination, the kids lunchboxes can be veritable works of art – if you’re willing to lose several hours of your life every day, that is.

From kittens and rabbits to Disney stars galore, these are lunchboxes that we’ll probably never get round to making, but they sure are fun to look at. Well, a girl can dream of having time to make carrot flowers and a sausage octopus, can’t she?

1. These sweet and smiley snails

Bonus points for the fact they’ve got an umbrella – we like a snail that comes prepared.
Credit: Ameblo

2. These adorable seals

The rosy cheeks. The whiskers. It’s all too much.
Credit: Ameblo

3. This under the sea scene

The hot dog octopus is a Pinterest favourite, but we’ve never seen a hot dog crab before!
Credit: Benton Better Lunches

4. These porky pigs

Beats our version of pigs in blankets hands down.
Credit: Amelbo

5. This panda-in-a-leaf situation

Look at his little black olive feet! We. can’t. cope.
Credit: Amelbo

6. This healthy hooter

Lettuce leaves make great owl wings. Who knew?
Credit: Simply Gourmet


Do you wanna build a snowman? Yes. We do. And then eat him.
Credit: Amelbo

8. This incredible Ariel

She might actually be more gorgeous in edible form than she is animated.
Credit: Amelbo

9. This spot-on Minnie

This Disney theme just keeps getting better!
Credit: Susan Yuen

10. This gorgeous lady

Anyone else starting to feel like this food is better looking than they are?
Credit: Flickr

11. These bize-size kitties

Almost as cute as the real thing.
Credit: Amelbo

12. These happy hippos

It’s amazing what you can do with a sausage.
Credit: Flickr

13. This spiky chap

It’s official. He’s too cute to eat.
Credit: Websta

14. These fantastic fish

Can you believe these are made of ham? This is culinary wizardry at its finest.
Credit: Cookpad

15. This pretty picture

If only our picnic food was this beautiful.
Credit: 5AM Bento

16. These perfect petals

Simple, but very effective…
Credit: Amelbo

17. Hot dog hot dogs

We might have reached peak cute here.
Credit: Recipe-Blog

18. These little moo-vers

So detailed, they’ve even got different expressions!
Credit: Flickr

19. And these teeny tiny sleeping bunnies

Well, being this adorable is tiring work.
Credit: Facebook

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