5:2 diet meal plans: What to eat for 500 calorie fast days

These 5:2 diet meal plan ideas will keep you on track whilst you're on the 5:2 diet grind!

The 500 calorie fast days are obviously the hardest part of the 5:2 diet – how on earth are you supposed to survive on just 500 calories all day? Well, don’t fret, because we’ve got you covered with our 5:2 diet meal plans which offer handy recipes, tips and tricks along the way.

The point of the 5:2 diet is that you give your body 2 fast days and 5 days where you eat normally, albeit slightly healthier. The diet is fast becoming the nation’s favourite weight-loss option and the fast days needn’t be as scary as they sound.

We’re not saying they’re not going to be hard but if you plan your day thoroughly with the help of shopping lists and meal plans you can make sure they’re as easy as they possibly can be.

We’ve collected together calorie-counted recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you can piece together a 500 calorie meal plan that suits you. Some people like to have one big meal, while others need to eat more frequently.

Our 5:2 diet meal plans below will show you how it’s done, then it’s over you. Pick from our breakfasts under 100 calories, lunches under 200 calories and dinners under 200, 300 and 400 calories to make the most out of your 500 calories.

Being on a diet doesn’t mean missing out on your favourite treats. We’ve got lots of low calorie versions of classic meals including curry, stir-fries, sandwiches and more.

And of course, we’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your 5:2 diet progress so feel free to comment below.

Sample 5:2 diet meal plans

476 calorie day 491 calorie day
Breakfast – 94 calories
5:2 diet meal plansSultanas, Greek yogurt & almonds
Breakfast – 94 calories
5:2 diet meal plansSpinach omelette
Lunch – 170 calories
5:2 diet meal plansCrushed new potatoes and shoots
Lunch – 132 calories
5:2 diet meal plansChicken miso soup
Dinner – 170 calories
5:2 diet meal plansChinese vegetable chow mein
Dinner – 238 calories
5:2 diet meal plansMoroccan root tagine with couscous
Snack – 42 calories
5:2 diet meal plansTwo satsumas
Snack – 27 calories
5:2 diet meal plans1 Bear Pure Fruit Yo-Yo snacks

Now you can make your own 5:2 diet meal plans with our calorie-counted breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks!

5:2 diet fast day breakfasts under 100 calories


5:2 diet fast day lunches under 200 calories

5:2 diet fast day dinners under 200 calories

5:2 diet fast day dinners under 300 calories

5:2 diet fast day meals under 400 calories

5:2 diet fast day snacks under 100 calories 

Have you tried the 5:2 diet meal plan, and did it work for you? Let us know your best tips and tricks in the comment box below!