The best cheap Easter eggs to buy for £5 and under

Easter eggs are one of the best parts of Easter for kids (and adults too, who are we kidding?), but they can also be very expensive, especially if you have a few you need to buy.

To help you get the best Easter egg deals, we went on an Easter hunt for the best cheap Easter eggs that are still great quality.

In our list of the best cheap Easter eggs for 2017, you’ll find our top picks for under £1, £3 and £5, so you can buy according to your budget.

Big Easter eggs are usually more expensive, but you’ll be surprised with what you can buy for just a few pounds ifyou dig deeper in some of the supermarkets – so we’ve done all the digging to find the best ones for you.

Our best Easter egg deals for 2017 include a Thorntons Easter egg, some of Cadbury’s best Easter offers and a few surprising great deals from supermarket brands – scroll down to see our best Easter egg deals…

Best cheap Easter eggs for under £1

Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Egg
With irresistible Cadbury chocolate, this Easter egg comes in a great size for the price you’re paying. Incredibly moreish, it also comes with bag of Freddo faces inside, so you get a little extra something for your money too.

Get it: £1, from Morrisons.

Smarties Medium Easter Egg
If you want an exciting but still cheap Easter egg, this Smarties one is another very good option. The surprise Smarties inside are the best bit, but they tend to go everywhere once you crack the egg open, so make sure you’re careful not to waste any precious sweets!

Get it: £1, from Morrisons.

Dairy Milk with Mini Eggs
If you love Mini Eggs, this one’s for you. The shell is made of the same Cadbury chocolate we all love, but this Easter egg comes equipped with a special stash of Mini Eggs to make all your Easter dreams come true – no Easter bunny required.

Get it: £1, from Asda.

Best cheap Easter eggs for under £3

Lion Bar Retro Easter Egg

best cheap easter egg Lion Retro Easter Egg

If you loved this retro chocolate bar you’ll adore this Easter egg. The XX egg comes with two Lion bars and if you head to discount store B&M you can get the egg for just £1.99! What a steal! Tesco are settling the egg for £5 and Iceland have it for £3.50. They’re sure to fly off the shelves so be quick!

Get it: £1.99, from B&M, £5 Tesco, £3.50 Iceland.

My Little Pony Strawberry Cheesecake Egg

best cheap easter egg my little pony b&m

Have a My Little Pony fanatic? This is the Easter egg for them! This hollow chocolate egg is decorated with tiny pieces of sweet strawberry cheesecake flavoured pieces.

Get it: £2.49, from B&M

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg

This hollow chocolate egg is flavoured with real orange and comes with two bars of the classic chocolate orange treat for you to indulge in. If you’re quick B&M are selling the egg for just £1.99 but Tesco also have it for £4. And remember… Smash it don’t tap it!

Get it: £1.99, from B&M, £4, from Tesco.

Dairyfine Rocky Mallow Rubble Easter EggCoated with a rocky-road style mix of sweets including marshmallows and blackcurrant jelly sweets, this Easter egg looks very fun and colourful both in and outside the packaging.

The soft texture of the marshmallows goes great with the sweet flavour of the Belgian chocolate at first, but it can become a bit too sickly if you have more than a few bites in one go – maybe it’s a good incentive to exercise portion control?

You can also get this Easter egg in a Popping Candy version, but we preferred the textured of the Rocky Mallow Rubble.

Get it: £2.99, from Aldi.

Thorntons Gruffalo Egg, £3
With creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, this Easter egg has quite a thick shell and is also one of the sweetest we’ve tasted – so definitely one to buy for the sweet-tooths in your life.

Get it: £2.5, from Asda.

Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 100g
You can’t go wrong with a classic Lindt bunny. However, this is a very small Easter egg so you’re not getting as much for your money compared with other brands – ideal if all you care about is good quality chocolate without breaking the bank.

Get it: £3, from Tesco.

Best cheap Easter eggs for £5 or under

Plamil Organic ‘Bunny Box’ Milk Chocolate Alternative Mini Half Eggs

 Best cheap easter egg plamil bunny Holland and barrett

This fun looking bunny sits on top a box of ethically made, organic, free from chocolates. It’s perfect for those who want to avoid milk, gluten and nuts.

Get it: £3.25, from Holland&Barrett

Smarties Orange Chocolate Easter Egg

If you went crazy for orange smarties when they were launched back in October 2017, you’ll love this limited edition Easter egg. Inside the hollow orange flavoured chocolate egg is a pack of mini eggs with a crisp orange flavoured sugar shell.  Head to discount store B&M and grab the egg for the super low price of £3.49.

Get it: £3.49, from B&M

Asda Smash Egg

best cheap easter egg asda smash egg

This kids will love this egg! Let them smash through the chocolate egg to reveal an exciting stash of mini chocolate eggs! Hopefully they’ll share some of their find with you…

Get it: £5, from Asda

Waitrose Milk or Dark Chocolate Egg with Lamb and Bunny embossed 

cheap easter egg waitrose

These hollow milk and dark chocolate eggs are sure to please both young and old recipients! These simple eggs are perfect for those who don’t want any thrills and are all about the chocolate. The embossed designs make these eggs very stylish and suitable for all ages as a gift.

Get it: £5, from Waitrose

ASDA Rabbit Hutch Egg

Besides being super adorable, this Easter egg from ASDA has a ‘Rabbit Hutch’ made with three different chocolates – milk, dark and white chocolate – so your little one can have all three. It also comes with a cute edible chocolate bunny on the side, made of white chocolate.

Get it: £5 from ASDA

Deluxe Eton Mess Easter Egg

Most Easter eggs are milk chocolate, so this one from Lidl will be a big favourite for any white chocolate lovers out there.

From our pool of chocolate tasters (who very reluctantly agreed to help in the task of trying various Easter eggs), even those who usually prefer milk chocolate enjoyed this white chocolate Easter egg.

The Eton Mess topping was surprisingly not sickly and the strawberries bits were a great addition to the white chocolate.

Get it: £3.49 from Lidl

Easter Mini Chocolate Pizza

You’ve probably seen bunny, egg and evens monster-shaped Easter chocolates, but have you an Easter chocolate pizza? You have now!

The chocolate in these mini chocolate pizzas is absolutely delicious and you can pick from two designs – a handmade white chocolate bunny and spring coloured rainbow drops or mini candy coated eggs and rainbow drops.

You can also buy a bigger size pizza for £11.50, but these mini ones are great as a little treat for the kids.

Get it: £3.35, from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company

Kinder Surprise Special Edition Egg

Who doesn’t lover Kinder eggs? This childhood staple has now reached the big Easter egg leagues with a giant, Easter-special size being sold for the first time in the UK this year.

Despite its bigger size – it’s five times bigger than your usual Kinder egg – the chocolate tastes exactly the same so you know exactly what you’re getting. And yes, it also comes with giant toys to match the giant chocolate shells – take your pick between My Little Pony or Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Get it: £5, from Tesco.

Moser Roth Delectable Duo Sharing Egg

One of our top choices for adults (yes, that includes yourself), this beautiful Easter egg from Aldi comes separated in two bits so you can easily share with someone or just make less of a mess when you eat it, as you don’t have to crack the whole thing open at once.

This Easter egg also makes it very easy to compromise if you’re sharing with a partner, friend or family member who doesn’t like the same kind of chocolate as you. Each of the two pieces is made with a different type of a chocolate, so you can pick a milk/white duo or a milk/dark duo.

Get it: £4.99, from Aldi.

The Co-op Fairtrade Fried Egg

This was a strong favourite for the entire GoodtoKnow team. Sweet but not sickly, this medium-sized Easter egg also has a cute fried egg design that the kids will definitely enjoy, especially the egg white bit for any white chocolate lovers (and adults too – we certainly did).

Get it: £5, from Co-Op.

Aldi’s Dairyfine Giant Chocolate Bunny

One of the most impressive things about this bunny is its size – we didn’t expect it to be so big! But good thing it is, because it’s hard to get enough of its rich and chunky chocolate. Definitely one to get if you’re after something that’s impressive-looking without being too pricey.

Get it: £3.99 from Aldi.