Cheapest Christmas turkey 2017: Where to buy the lowest priced turkey this year

Christmas turkeys are right at the heart of Christmas dinner but sometimes they can be one of the most expensive parts.

We’ve compared all the supermarkets to find the cheapest frozen, fresh and luxury Christmas turkeys for Christmas 2017 including birds from M&S, Morrisons and more.

Lidl may have trumped their competitors with the cheapest Christmas dinner overall, but does that mean that they have the lowest priced turkey too? To help you find a great value turkey, we asked all the major supermarkets for their cheapest frozen, fresh and luxury turkeys, and listed them from cheapest to most expensive. Where there was a price or weight range, we’ve worked out the price per kilo on the smallest size we were given.

Scroll down to find the cheapest turkeys to buy this year…

Cheapest frozen turkeys

  • Cheapest! Iceland Extra Large Class A British Whole Basted Turkey – £2.64 per kg
  • Tesco British Frozen Basted Turkey – £2.92 per kg
  • Sainsbury’s Small Basted Whole Turkey – £5.38 per kg
  • Waitrose Essential Basted Turkey Crown – £9.20 per kg

Cheapest fresh turkeys

  • Cheapest! – Tesco’s basted whole turley (Extra large) – £4 per kg
  • ASDA Medium Turkey – £4 per kg
  • Sainsbury’s Standard Turkey – £4.83 per kg
  • Waitrose Free Range Turkey – Medium – £8.65 per kg
  • M&S The Collection British Free-Range Pembrokeshire Bronze Turkey – £10 per kg 
  • Morrisons Whole British Turkey – £8-£34.50 depending on size (feeds 3-15 people)

Please note, we are still waiting on Aldi and Lidl to confirm prices. We will add these in as soon as we get them so watch this space!

Cheapest luxury turkeys

  • Cheapest! Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Bronze Free Range Turkey – £4 per kg
  • Tesco’s British Whole Turkey with Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing – Medium, serves 10-14 – £5.45 per kg
  • M&S The Collection British OakhamTM Turkey with Pork, Chestnut, Bacon & Thyme Stuffing (Serves 6-8) – £8.65 per kg
  • Waitrose Whole Turkey with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing and a Bacon Lattice – £10 per kg
  • ASDA Extra Special Turkey Breast Roulade with Pork, Cranberry, Sage and Onion Stuffing and Festive Crust – £15
  • Morrisons The Best British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown – £19.50 –
    £51 (serves 3-9)

Please note, prices are subject to change and we are still waiting on Aldi and Lidl to confirm prices. All M&S prices are based on their Christmas Food To Order Service, and will differ in store. We will add these in as soon as we get them so watch this space! Co-op are not selling a luxury turkey this year.

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Should you buy a cheap turkey?

At GoodtoKnow, we’re all about finding you the cheapest prices, but nobody wants to pay for something of low quality, especially at Christmas.

Always do your research about the quality of birds on offer and don’t be afraid to ask in store. Perhaps Christmas is the time of year that we feel like we can splash out a little bit more and treat ourselves?

What about the local butcher?

When we asked GoodtoKnowers on Facebook where they buy their turkey, the majority of people said they go to their local butcher to order their festive feast.

You can get a great bargain on a really good quality bird by having a chat to your butcher – see what they recommends!

We’d love to hear from you about what type of bird you order and how much you pay for it? Tell us in the comment box below