16 Christmas sandwiches to make and devour this festive period

Everyone loves a Christmas sandwich so we've collected the best ideas we could find to make your Christmas sandwich extra special.

From snowman-shaped sarnies to leftover turkey baps layered with the rest of your Christmas leftovers, we’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas sandwiches out there. You’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to make from this collection.

Our selection of the best Christmas sandwiches include ones for both adults and kids. For the kids we have snowman inspired sandwiches and star-shaped sarnies filled with all sorts of delicious fillings, for both meat eaters and vegetarian too.

Christmas sandwiches are by far the best way to use up any leftovers from Christmas dinner.

1. The naughty but oh-so-nice

Image from ringfingertanline.com via Pinterest

This American sarnie is a grilled cheese wonder. Turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce sandwiched between 2 large slices of bread and grilled until gooey and warm… Perfect in front of the TV come Christmas evening.

2. The cool snowmen

Image from decopeques.com via Pinterest

The kids are going to love these happy snowman-shaped sandwiches complete with crisp hats, Smarties buttons and pretzel arms.

3. The simple stars

Image from laughingkidslearn.com via Pinterest

How clever are these star sarnies? Using big and small star cutters you can make these bites in no time. Filled with your child’s favourite combo, these are perfect for a children’s Christmas party.

4. The Christmas club

Get the recipe: Christmas club sandwich

Ok, are you ready for this beauty? Granary bread, mayo, turkey, cranberry sauce, chipolatas and if that’s not enough, a generous scoop of meaty stuffing.

5. The sandwich cake (say what?!)

Image from thekitchn.com via Pinterest

Yes, this really is a sandwich cake. We’re planning on making one of these bad boys on Boxing Day with our Christmas dinner leftovers – who’s with us?

6. The gingerbread sarnies

Image from bonbonbreak.com via Pinterest

Put a smile on your kids’ faces this Christmas by making them a Christmassy lunchbox in the last week of school. These cheesy gingerbread sarnies are some of our favourites.

7. The festive roast beef

Image from blonde-designs.squarespace.com via Pinterest

Roast beef in a sandwich? What a great idea! Make these meaty sandwiches even better by soaking your bread in gravy (can you see where we’re going with this…? The moist maker from Friends anyone?!)

8. The crazy croissant sandwich

Image from number-2-pencil.com via Pinterest

Ah! It’s a sandwich but it’s made with croissants instead of bread – our minds are blown! This sarnie combines turkey with cranberries and spinach to make one mouth-watering treat.

9. The cheese and chutney classic

Get the recipe: Cheese and chutney sandwich

Leftover cheese from your Christmas feast? Time to turn it into a gooey sandwich. Melt between two cuts of bread with some sweet chutney.

10. The share and tear Christmas tree

Image from melissarecipebox.blogspot via Pinterest

So, this is not technically a sandwich but it’s bread and it’s Christmassy, so we’re counting it! This festive tear and share is on our list to make this Christmas.

11. The special present

Image from meetthedubiens.com via Pinterest

What a festive lunch! A sandwich present and a salad Christmas tree! We’re sure your friends and family will appreciate your creation (and it’s a great way to sneak in some extra veg).

12. The man bap

Get the recipe: Beef brisket sandwich

Ok, so this is not just for men. We do think it’s rather manly however and should be consumed on Boxing Day morning packed with your roast leftovers.

13. The perfect combo

Image from withstyleandgraceblog.com via Pinterest

Avocado and turkey? Don’t mind if we do! We wouldn’t of thought to pair these two together but it works.

14. The snowman sarnie

Image from meetthedubiens.com via Pinterest

What a cool snowman! The kids are going to love these festive friends in their lunchbox.

15. The simple star stack

Image from modernmom.com via Pinterest

Fancy a posh sarnie? This little stack is shaped like a star and would be a perfect bite-sized nibble at your Christmas party this year.

16. The rocking reindeer

Get the recipe: Christmas reindeer sandwiches

The kids are going to go crazy for these festive sarnies. Shaped like Rudolph, these Christmassy sandwiches can be rustled up in 20 mins. Perfect for your kids lunchboxes in the lead up to Christmas!

Do you have a favourite Christmas sandwich you make over and over again every Christmas? Comment below to let us know!