£40 weekly meal planner

With food prices up a whopping 12% this year, you may find that there’s a lot less in your shopping basket for the same money, try our cheap weekly meal planner to help keep costs low.

To help you make the most of your food shopping, we’ve put together a cheap weekly meal planner, featuring a month’s worth of recipes designed to feed a family of four, for just £40 a week.

Some websites offer meals for under a fiver, but you soon realise you can’t buy single eggs and tablespoons of milk – and suddenly your meal isn’t looking so cheap. Here, we’ve done the sums for you and added what you’ll need for the week without cheating on the quantities you need to buy products in.

Take a look at our cheap weekly meal planner and download the shopping list to take with you – you can even print out the meal planner to stick on your fridge!

The cheap weekly meal planner

– Week 1 shopping list

– Week 2 shopping list

– Week 3 shopping list

– Week 4 shopping list

– Print off you meal planners and stick them on the fridge!

Week 1 & 2 meal planners

Week 3 & 4 meal planners

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