Aldi is selling salted caramel flavoured gin for Christmas

We're forgetting about the calories during the lead up to Christmas, and it’s not just food we’re thinking about.

Sure, throughout the season we can’t escape the lure of a mince pie in the office (especially Aldi’s salted caramel offerings), the turkey and trimmings-packed Christmas sandwiches that have taken over the fridge shelves on the lunchtime rush, and of course, the coffee table Christmas tins full of chocolates – but, as soon as the prosecco glasses come out the food is forgotten…

And with our calendars filled up with Christmas parties, family get-togethers and catch-ups with friends, there are plenty of opportunities to hit the booze.

Well, now there’s a new tipple to add to your collection of prosecco magnums, Baileys flavours and mulled wine bottles.

Always filling our life with creative treats for the tastebuds, budget supermarket Aldi has released a new gin with a festive twist.

A tipple for the sweet-toothed among us, their Salted Caramel and Apple Gin Liqueur blends two classic Christmassy flavours to form a sugary spirit that may even make you put the Baileys back in the fridge.

You can top it up with a mixer, a plain tonic if you want to go simple, or a glass of apple juice for an extra fruity flavour. Or you could mix it up into a cocktail, maybe even swap it for the vodka in a White Russian for a caramel version of the classic.

Of course, you can simply serve it on ice for a refreshing alcoholic hit of sweet.

But our favourite way to serve the dessert flavoured gin? Pour it over a bowl of ice cream for a grown up pud that’s the perfect indulgent finish to a weekday winter dinner.

On sale for only £14.99, the festive drink is available to buy now in stores and online, but is a limited release so get your hands on it while you can.

aldi salted caramel and apple gin, aldi winter warmer old tom gin

Credit: Aldi

And for only £19.99, the discount store has also re-released their Winter Warmer Old Tom Gin, which is infused with ginger, dried fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove for a hit of festive flavours. It’s basically a gingerbread man in a bottle!

Time to get the Christmas bars ready!