The 45 most amazing first birthday cake ideas you’ll ever see

Back in our day we were lucky to get a Victoria sponge for our tenth birthday tea, and for our first birthday we probably had a mashed-up banana, just like every other day. But it looks like the one-year-olds of today are a luckier bunch, judging by these show-stopping cakes.

These first birthday cakes are mind-blowing and some parents really do pull out all the stops to celebrate that first special birthday. We’re not convinced we’ll be trying anything this ambitious, any time soon but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

So, here are the 30 jaw-droppingly amazing cakes to help with those daydreams…

1. The nursery classic

Credit: 100 Layer Cakelet

2. The girly-girl cake

Credit: Pinterest

3. The vintage circus cake

Credit: Cakes by Elisa

4. The fun fondant cake

Credit: Rachel Manning Cakes

5. The rainbow surprise cake

Credit: Made with Pink

6. The number cake

Credit: Laura Kate

7. The ombre cake

Credit: My Keuken

8. The big top-triumph cake

Credit: Amy Atlas

9. The classy colours cake

Credit: The Pastry Studio

10. The fun cake

Credit: Helena Kastanis

11. The big bash cake

Credit: Amy Atlas

12. The fridge letters cake

Credit: The Tom Kat Studio

13. The unashamedly chocolate cake

Credit: Clausa Things

14. The engineering feat cake

Credit: Celebrate with cake

15. The crowd-pleaser cake

Credit: Cakes Decor

16. The little boy’s cake

Credit: Cake Decor

17. The pretty pastel cake

Credit: Fat cake designs

18. The pretty as a picture cake

Credit: Everything Lu Lu

19. The cake-you-wish-you-could-make cake

Credit: Hello Naomi

20. The show-stopper cake

Credit: Sweetness cakes confectionery

21. The cheeky monkey cake

Credit: Sutterby

22. The cool cake

Credit: Cakes by Dusty

23. The monster bash cake

Credit: Lolopie

24. The Disney princess cake

Credit: The Pastry Studio

25. The princess and the pea cake

Credit: 100 Layer Cakelet

26. The nursery rhyme cake

Credit: The Crafty Kitchen

27. The tutu cake

Credit: The Cake Blog

28. The cartoon-style cake

Credit: Cake Central

29. The sweet as sugar cake

Credit: Faye Cahill

30. The fairy princess cake

Credit: Coolest Birthday Cakes

31. The so I carried a watermelon cake


Credit: Cakes with TLC

32. The ‘tache cake

Credit : Jessievirginia Instagram

33. The pretty in pink cake

Credit: Cakes By Ebony

34. The you’ve got a friend in me cake


Credit : Vanilla Moon Cakes

35. The berry nice cake

Credit : From Kirsty’s Kitchen

36. The ice cream cake

Credit : Sweet Lucy Lous

37. The Frozen cake

Credit : Enticing Cakes

38. The magical unicorn cake

Credit : Ruffles For The Love Of Cake

And now, the seven cakes you might actually be able to make yourself…

1. The traditional tale cake

Credit: Made With Pink

2. The simple-but-effective cake

Credit: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

3. The cake every child really wants

Credit: Cakes by Dali

4. The last-minute life saver cake

Credit: Kristine’s Kitchen Blog

5. The alternative Disney cake

Credit: Buttercup Lakland

6. The cake which looks like another cake, cake

Credit: Bella’s Cupcakes

7. The mum’s favourite cake

Credit: Peggy Pal