Why didn’t we think of that?! Hairy Bikers’ Si King shares his ingenious bread dipping Christmas tradition (and it’s a naughty one!)

We really do love the Hairy Bikers. They’re mad about food (just like us), they love eating food (just like us) and they love talking about too (yes, just like us!).

When we caught up with Hairy Bikers’ Si King to find out just what was his favourite Christmas tradition, we got more than what we bargained for…

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Not only did we wish that we had an invitation to his house for the festive period, we started taking notes about how we can recreate this ingenious Christmas tradition in the comfort of our own homes.

Watch the video above first, so you get the gist of it, then it’s time to recreate this mind boggling tradition yourselves by following the steps below.

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How to make Si King’s turkey dips

You will need:

Freshly baked bread (preferably baked on Christmas Eve, just like Si does)
Christmas turkey with plenty of dripping – Bucks Fizz (optional)


1. Bake your bread; a share and tear loaf or crusty white baguette, the choice is yours!
2. When your turkey is cooking in the oven, carefully (and we mean carefully) open the oven door.
3. Form an orderly queue around your kitchen and then take it in turns to dip your piece of bread into the turkey juices and scoff in one.

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Christmas really is all about spending time with the family, creating new and reliving old Christmas traditions and of course, chowing down on some good old fashioned Christmas food.

What’s your Christmas tradition? We’d love to know so share below. Merry Christmas from the Hairy Bikers and the goodtoknow team!