13 magical snack ideas every Harry Potter fan will LOVE

Love Harry Potter? Love food? Well you’re in for a serious treat with this round up of delicious, and dare we say, magical snack ideas…

If you’re a serious Harry Potter fan you’re going to love these amazing snack ideas – perfect for a Hogwarts-themed party, a surprise treat for the kids after school or if you just fancy making something a little bit different.

From Butterbeer cake (yes, really!) to Polyjuice potion jelly, only a true Harry Potter fan will appreciate these mind-boggling HP-themed snacks.

Wands at the ready…

1. Butterbeer mug cake

Get the recipe: Living Locurto

No, your eyes do not deceive you. A Butterbeer in cake form – now we really have gone to The Three Broomsticks! This delicious idea is top of our list to make this weekend. Anyone?!

2. Wizard hat cupcakes

Get the recipe: Centsational Girl

Complete any party spread with these magical wizard hat cupcakes. They’re ridiculously easy to make and if you don’t like the sponge recipe you can try our cupcake recipe instead! Sorted.

3. Ron Weasley’s jumper

Get the recipe: Baking Dom

Yes, we all remember that legendary jumper and now you can make it into a biscuit– cool, ey? Twist some fondant, pop it on top of a jumper-shaped biscuit and ta-dah! Just like magic…

4. Golden Snitch cake pops

Get the recipe: With Sprinkles On Top

What a great idea! Turn your favourite cake pop recipe into a golden Snitch or two with some golden sprinkles and white fondant. It really is that easy (unlike Quidditch, oh Quidditch!)

5. Polyjuice potion jelly shots

Get the recipe: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Take your potion making skills to the next level with these vibrant, lime green jelly shots. Swap the ‘hair’ for vodka instead. Hermione would be proud!

6. Butterbeer butterscotch hot chocolate

Get the recipe: Baking Dom

Give us Butterbeer any day, especially when it’s paired with butterscotch and hot chocolate, mmm… All this sugar will make you feel as though you’re flying so grab a broom!

7. Owl cupcakes

Get the recipe: Sweetest Kitchen

What a hoot! These owl cupcakes are sure to turn a few heads at your child’s birthday party. They’re super easy to make too with Oreo eyes – genius! Don’t forget to make Hedwig!

8. Dumbledore’s Pensive

Get the recipe: Raegun Ramblings

Turn jelly and whipped cream into Dumbledore’s mystical Pensive. The kids will love looking into this mind-boggling dish – as well as eating it with plenty of ice cream!

9. Mandrake pots

Get the recipe: Workman Family

Pomona Sprout would be ridiculously proud of these fine Mandrakes. A chocolate cupcake, in a ‘garden’ pot and a little doll with plastic foliage stuck onto it’s head. 10 points to the Workman Family!

10. Cheesy broomsticks

Get the recipe: Cheesy broomsticks

These cheesy broomsticks will give the Nimbus 2000 a serious run for its money. Made with only three ingredients these broomsticks are a great HP snack!

11. Ollivander’s wands

Get the recipe: Kara’s Party Ideas

What would Harry Potter be without wands? The edible kind are so much better too as you can scoff on them silly. Dip your chocolate cigarellos in more chocolate, top with sprinkles and wingardium leviosa!

12. Cauldron cakes

Get the recipe: Pastry Affair

Make your very own Leaky Cauldron! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate filled with marshmallow fluff and that’s about it. Sounds good right?

13. Hogwarts houses cake

Get the recipe: Baking Dom

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands and you’re looking for a challenge that will blow your family’s socks off, say hello to the epic Hogwarts houses cake. With the hidden house colours inside, this cake is more than just magical!