McDonald’s extends breakfast hours until 11am in UK trial

McDonald’s is extending its breakfast hours in a UK trial.

McDonald’s is extending its breakfast hours until 11am in a UK trial.

The fast food restaurant’s breakfast menu has become a morning staple among families, students and McDonald’s enthusiasts across the country.

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Their classic McMuffins, saucy all-in-one wraps and of course their legendary crispy hash browns – when you have a hankering for a McDonald’s breakfast there’s nothing else that can satisfy you.

But unfortunately the relatively early time limit on their breakfast menu has caught out even the earliest of risers among us.

We’ve all been there – when you want to sleep in on the weekend or are feeling a bit delicate after a heavy night and then race to make it to the golden arches before the menus switch over at the stroke of 10.30am.

Well those mid-morning McDonald’s wake up calls may soon be a thing of the past.

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The fast food favourite is extending their breakfast hours in an attempt to give customers a bigger chance of getting hold of their morning staples.

Unfortunately, at the moment the change is only being trialled in a few restaurants around the country.

Starting from 12th June (yesterday), seven McDonald’s branches across the country will be trialling the extended breakfast service for six weeks to see how it works.

The restaurants taking place in the trial will be ones in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, but if it’s successful the restaurant is likely to roll out the changes across all of their UK branches.

The restaurant branches taking place in the trial will be:

  • Commercial Road, Portsmouth
  • Cosham, Portsmouth
  • Fratton Park, Portsmouth
  • IoW – Brading Road
  • Isle of Wight
  • North Harbour, Portsmouth
  • Ocean Retail Park, Portsmouth

Unfortunately for Big Mac and McFlurry fans, the change will mean that they will have to wait an extra half an hour for their favourites.

The restaurant is unable to run both menus at the same time, so if breakfast is extended, the all-day menu will be reduced by half an hour.

But surely that’s a small price to pay for a weekend sausage McMuffin?