Nadiya Hussain Time To Eat: Everything you need to know about Nadiya’s new cooking show

Time To Eat is Nadiya Hussain’s latest show and cookbook and it’s perfect for time-poor families who want good, fast food! Here’s everything you need to know…

Nadiya Hussain’s Time To Eat promises recipes that can be cooked in a hurry but have buckets of flavour. The Bake Off champ will be back on our screens later this year and we’ve got everything you need to know…

Nadiya Hussain’s Time To Eat: What can you expect?

If you watched every episode of Nadiya’s Family Favourites then we think you’re going to love her new BBC cooking show.

Although we all wish we had the time to muster up a giant éclair roll or a ham and cheese crown every week, the truth is we don’t always have the time.

Which is why Nadiya wants to help time-poor families cook comforting meals that take hardly any time to cook and don’t break the bank!

Speaking about the show Nadiya explained: ‘We’re a nation that loves to cook and eat delicious food but we don’t always have the time with our busy working hours and family routines. Busy lives deserve delicious meals.’

During the show Nadiya will visit a series of British households to share her tasty, time-saving recipes and prove to them that they can be cooked up no matter how hectic your day or week has been.

Nadiya will meet firefighters, truckers and busy working mums and dads and is sure to have tips you can use in your own day-to-day routines.

Nadiya Hussain’s Time To Eat recipes

Nadiya's Family Favourites halloumi curry

Does your family love Nadiya’s Family Favourite’s Halloumi curry? Maybe it’s the fish finger lasagne they cant get enough of… We can’t wait to see what recipes Time To Eat will feature 

The Time To Eat recipes will be quick and easy and as a mum-of-three Nadiya is bound to make sure the recipes are family-friendly too.

Nadiya’s cookbook to accompany Time To Eat is due for release in the summer and is broken into manageable chapters such as A Little Less Time and Time to Spare.

Some recipes you can expect to see include: Bengali Bangers and Smash, Banoffee Waffles, Chorizo and Fish Stew and Chocolate Orange Blossom Cake.

In the show and book you can also expect some nifty kitchen hacks and timesaving tricks to make every meal a little simpler.

So whether you need inspiration for a rushed mid-week meal or a relaxed Sunday afternoon, Nadiya is sure to have a recipe for you. And in the meantime you should have a browse of our Cheap, Quick and Easy recipes.

When will Time To Eat air?

Nadiya’s Time To Eat will air on BBC Two for six 30-minute episodes. A date has not yet been confirmed but it is likely to be in Summer 2019.

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